Monday, July 21, 2008

Tight is Right or is it and This is Awkward and vote on WSOP Final Table delay

I believe I mentioned that I was going to head down to our local Harrah's to play in a $55 Tourney. More on that later; but in this tourney, I was quoted as saying "This is awkward"

So because of that, I didn't play any online poker Friday or Sunday for that matter; but I did get another roller coaster session in on Saturday; but first:

Let's talk about the hand from the last post.

To briefly summarize, I was in the small blind with QJs (diamonds) again. We had a cutoff limper, I limped and and the big blind checked.

Flop came 5dTdKs giving me opened ended straight draw and a flush draw. Fireworks ensued on the flop.

Cutoff folded and BB turned over......

a suited T5 (hearts) making this pretty much a coin toss. I forgot to check this morning; but I believe I was actually a 54% favorite.

The Turn card was the 9s giving me a my gin card.
The River was the Qs and I took down a pot.

I must say that the commenters are pretty good; but the winner this time is Matt from Just Another Donkey as he is the one that called it exactly right this time.

I kind of like doing these and hope that we can more comments like this. Thanks for the votes and comments.

I always like polls so I will do one again today. Today's will simply be a question about whether you or for or against the WSOP final table delay. This time, I will actually vote and say that I am against it.

I'm not putting hand is that nothing really interesting happened. I did run my Kings into Aces and other things like that so I will just post a chart of my day and move on.


OK, I took the day off and went down to Harrah's and signed up for the $55 tourney and then went and met some buddies for lunch to have our annual Fantasy Football Rules Meeting. How cool is that. It is nearly football season. I love the summer; but I'm all about football as far as sports go. Speaking of sports, I was really pulling for the Shark this weekend. Too bad he didn't have 4 rounds in him.

Anyway, onto the tournament and as usual in these things you have a mix of good and bad. I believe we had 60 people or 80; but I can't be sure. 1st place paid out close to $900 so I could probably do the math if I wanted. Nah.

I got a nice double up early on when somebody decided to push 3rd pair into the nuts. Nothing like the well disguised straight with 65 from the button; however, I gave a bunch back a little later with my AK on K high board was outflopped by K6 when the flop was K6J.

I won't bore you with a lot of details; but I won a few races and my big hands held up and I found my self at the final 2 tables. Of course, poker is all about decisions and not results; but in a Blind vs Blind battle I had AK and raised about 3x and a very solid person pushed me all in and he had me covered in chips. The majority of the people at the table I would have insta called; but I knew he had a big hand as he was very solid. I actually folded as at that point, I didn't want to race for all my chips. Tight is right, right? In retrospect, there is no way I should be folding that. I spoke to him at the next break and he said that he had AK. Oh well, live to play on.

I had a chance to really chip up when I got all in with AQ vs Q9 only to see a 9 hit; but right about then somebody busted from the other table and the final table was set with 5 people getting paid. Unfortunately, I was one of the chip losers. I was able to get the needed early double up and then restole from the chip leader which put me in good shape for a while. We made it down to the bubble and we all decided to pay the 6th place person $10 so at least that person would get their money back.

I was sitting in 4th place probably when this hand came up right as we about to go on break. The short stacked pushed all in from EP. I look down to AJs. I took a while to decide; but with a few people to act behind me, I folded. Someone did call with pocket 7s and out raced the short stacks KQ. The pocket 7s guy said he would have folded to my push. He said he would have even folded to my call. I'm not sure I believe that. Anyway, another Tight is Right move and again, it was not the right move.

The good news is that I made to headsup with a 4 - 1 chips lead probably. I was against a lady that had continually sucked out on people. This is not to say that she was a bad player; but certainly not the best. She actually busted pocked Queens twice. Once with Q9s suited and once with QT that made a straight. She took the aggressive line and was raising everything; but before I knew that, I looked down at none other than 72o from the SB. What does a blogger do? I have no problems folding this; but I had such a lead that I was going to stay aggressive and raised. Well, she went all in for just a little bit more and I can be quoted as saying.... "This is awkward" as I tabled my hammer. Not surpisingly, I had 2 live cards; but could not outdraw her Q9.

She was raising every had probably for 10 to 20 hands in a row. One hand, she said "Ahh.. I'm just going to fold this one." Any guess to what I had? That's Right, American Airlines, Pocket Rockets, Weapons of mass destruction, insert your pocket Aces nickname here. Wow, that's a bad beat. We went back and forth for a little while and the final hand was were she again pushed and I called with Ax and she turned over 57s. I flopped an Ace; but she flopped an open ended straight draw. The straight came on the river and I busted out in second place which paid about $550. A nice finish; but of course I'm a little disappointed that I couldn't finish the deal with a big chip lead.

With that 2nd place finish, it does automatically qualify me to their montly Tournament of Champions which pays out 10K to the winner. We'll see what happens.

That should do it for today. Please let me know your thoughts by voting on the WSOP poll at the top left.

Have a nice day!

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