Friday, July 25, 2008

Top Pair Top Poker and Poker on TV

Last time, I posted about a losing day and I posted about a hand losing with Top Pair / Top Kicker. Our good buddy PokerPeaker commented about overvaluing Top pair top kicker. What is up with that? Who is he to criticize my game. Peaker... why don't you just go climb a mountain or take a jog. I'm sure that you have better things to do than to look at my game. OK, just for kicks and grins, I'll take a look at this a little bit more.

Using my handy dandy Holdem Manager, I took a look at my last 3 months which was about 61K hands.

Surprisingly, it only returned 67 hands. Of those 67 hands, I lost 27 of them, chopped 2 of them and won 38 of them. Anyone want to guess the overall $ Outcome? I'll let you think about it. See the answer a little further down the post.

By the way, PP, I was just giving you trouble. I appreciate any and all comments on my blog; especially the ones which could lead to me playing better. I will say that giving up on Top/Top type hands could lead to fewer losing hands; but as you said, it would also lead to fewer winning hands. I will however give it more thought before I make that crying call or push a hand that might only get called by a better hand.

As a matter of fact, there were a couple of hands 2 nights ago that I might have called or pushed; but decided to lay down because this was on my mind. I can't find the hands at the moment; but I can definitely see the long term benefits of these type laydowns. I'll continue to monitor this. I will say this. I ended up 2 buyins for the night which makes up a little bit from the other night.


The voting continues to be one sided as everybody still agrees that the WSOP delay is a bad idea. Again, time will tell whether or not this was a good idea. Speaking of poker on TV. The folks over at Poker on TV put out some good stuff. They have a weekly newsletter as well. From them, I learned that the World Poker Tour will be shown on Fox Sports Next year. There is more interesting stuff regarding this on their blog. They also mentioned that High Stakes Poker was renewed by the Game Show Network. More information to follow regarding HSP so that is good news.


OK, Top Pair Top kicker. I am actually down $118 dollars over those 67 hands. If you just take a look at the hands that went to showdown, I am down $225 over 51 hands. So there you have it and there you are. PP was right. Thanks for the comment.

What are most of the hands that I am losing on? I'm paying off way too many sets. Losing some races that maybe I don't need to take the risk. There were a few suckouts as I was a favorite 4 of the 27 times that I lost when the chips got to the middle. A few river beats like flushes and straights. Anyway, I need to be careful here as this is definitely a leak. Thanks PP for making me look at something that I wouldn't normally have done. Again, I don't want to just eliminate these risks; but it will definitely enter my thought process when it comes up.

Have a nice weekend!!!


pokerpeaker said...

No problem Wonka! Here's the thing. I'd hate to see you lose money on those hands when I know you're a good player and will make a lot of money if you could cut those huge losses even in half. That's what I did and I'm making some money as a result.

Good show, Wonka!

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Will, I know you already did this but instead of just looking at the hands where you flop TPTK, also keep in mind that of those, which ones are losers. In other words, just like the recent HEM article suggested, you need to have a strong hand when you get raised on the flop. If you eliminate hands that you get raised on the flop when you hold TPTK but it goes to showdown, I'm pretty sure you're making money.

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