Tuesday, July 15, 2008

WSOP November Nine.. Let's Here for the Lou

We are finally down the November Nine in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker. And guess what? Somebody from my town of St Louis sits in the lead with a little over 26 Million in Chips. His name is Dennis Phillips. A picture can be found here on ESPN.com. Also, Jamyhawk has link to an interview with him.

He won his way to it via a $200 satellite tourney that Harrah's in St Louis throws a few times a year. I've played in a couple of those; but never made it very far.

I have actually played with Dennis Phillips a couple of times in other tournaments. I remember a few thoughts I had about this guy:

1. Talkative, friendly guy.
2. He had this cockiness about him. At the time, I couldn't figure out if he was good, or he just thought he was good. Obviously, I know the answer now. He was open about talking about his poker scores; but mostly only when people asked him about it.
3. He must be a regular as many people came up to him to talk to him. He knew the dealers.

Anyway, I am psyched that he is in the chip lead and wish him all the best.

What I am NOT psyched about is that we have to wait until November to see it. Dr Pauly puts it best in his post. "The end. The bitter end".

Of course, the WSOP starts on TV this week; but that won't really help diminish the disappointment of this thing not finishing what it started.


Regarding the hand from yesterday. Where I hit a set in a multi way pot. A loose guy check raises me all in. Truthfully, this was exactly what I was looking for. I did think for a little while; but I just couldn't put him on the straight and called. Of course, he did hit his gutterball with Q9s and I didn't improve. If I had won that hand I would have been up 8 buyins. Instead after this hand and others after that, I only finished up a little over 2 buyins which by itself is a good day; but the thoughts of what it could have been always lingers in your mind.


Not much going on last night. I did play in the MATH last night as he continued his 6 max shootout type tourney which is right up my alley these days. I can't remember the amount of people; but there were only 3 tables and we only started with 5 at our table. I made it to heads up; but I lost a big hand where I hit top pair with QT (sooted I think... hmm maybe not) and scottc25 had flopped a straight and severely crippled me. I actually then got a few double ups and got some more chips; but called an allin with a very marginal holding and didn't suck out.

I did enjoy that tourney. I will probably play again if he keeps the format the same. I even have another token to use that I won via the 1800 FTP points SNG.

My cash game was nothing spectacular other than it was a roller coaster ride. I think I was up only about $20 which makes for a negative day after you subtract the tourney entry. Oh well.

That should do it for now.

Have a nice day!!!!


Klopzi said...

Just be glad that the WSOP starts airing on TV. Up here in Canada, I don't think we'll even see any of the Main Event before the final table is played.

Not that we'll get to see the Final Table anyway since Roger's Cable is too cheap to buy the rights to show it on Pay Per View.

Damn it!

WillWonka said...

True Klopzi... I should count my blessings.

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