Monday, September 11, 2006

Bitter and remembrance

For the most part week 1 of the NFL season and week 2 of the college football season are in the books. It's always such an exciting time; but then yet always a big letdown when your teams lay an egg. Starting with Saturday, Texas was in everyway was outclassed by #1 Ohio State. Apparently that Troy Smith can play. Yep, need help at QB. He's young so we will see how he handles this and moves on, so yeah, I'm a little bitter. At least Notre Dame looked good.

Things really didn't improve on Sunday as the Cowboys took it on the chin as well. Yep, we need help at QB. I don't know about anybody else; but I'm ready to make the move to Tony Romo. Not that I believe that he is a better QB than Bledsoe; but he is the future. I'd be interested to see listen to Dallas sports radio today. I usually hate pulling the referee card; but I'm going to pull it on this game. They gave Jacksonville a touchdown when Reggie Williams blatantly pushed Henry's head down before he caught the pass. And then a little later, they called Jason Witten for offensive pass interference and took a touchdown away from Dallas. Oh by the way, the contact was 10 yards down the field. I thought there was a rule against that. Oh yea, there is. The one thing that really got on my (and my brothers) nerves was their second and short play calling. They consistenly were making 7-9 yards on first down and then tried to run on second and short to only get no gain or most of the time actually lose yards. Sure, I don't mind running it sometimes; but throw in some passes once in a while. If me and my brother can figure out this tendency, I'm sure Jacksonville can. Oh well what can you do.

Not much poker this weekend.

On the now 5 year anniversay of 9/11. Please take some time to pause and reflect on what was and what is. We need to remember. My thoughts and prayers will be will all who were affected by 9/11 both on that day at the towers and the subsequent days/years that have happened since.

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Michael said...

Good call on the pass interference card there, Will. What I expect is that the refs are consistent. If Williams gets the TD, so does Witten. Period.

I'm not ready to throw Bledsoe under the bus just yet. Just watching him play, it seemed like he was injured. He was throwing on the sidelines between offensive series and doing a lot of stretching, too, on a day (hot and humid) where no muscles should have been tight. I would think he had something wrong with his back.

If that's the case, we may be seeing Romo against the Skins Sunday.

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