Wednesday, September 20, 2006

One more Round

Got in a good bit of poker in last night. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 hands. As per the normal rule, I play a bunch of hands if I find myself stuck or not so many hands if I am up. There are plenty of good reasons NOT to do Hit and Run Sessions; but sometimes you just like to book the profits and move on to other things; especially with the new Fall Shows coming on, I can see myself watching a bit of TV with Mrs Wonka. Apparently, there is more to life than poker.

Well, as you can probably guess, I again started stuck last night and again it was pocket Aces sticking me early. I don't know if I am ready to say that I don't want pocket Aces to begin a session; but they have not been kind to me over the past few days or should I say the past few days early in a session. Anyway, as you can see on the chart (did I mention that I really love these Poker Tracker Graphs). I got stuck early and went downhill from there. At one point, I was over $250 down for the night; but was able to work that back up to just being down $14. Since I had put a good bit of hands in and it was starting to get late, I did my obligatory "one more round" strategy.

One More Round??? Why do I feel that I have to make one more orbit around the table? Maybe it is the sports player in me as I have always had a cool down to any workout or practice. You know, you just can't stop. Easily work your way down to a good stopping point. Plus if you get a good hand, then play as normal. I'm also thinking that I am working off more of my bonus and getting rakeback so that makes it worth it. 8 or 9 times out of 10 I am just folding and calling it a day. Sometimes, you get the good hand and it holds up and you feel good about quitting; but sometimes you don't. Case in point last night. I get AK. EP raises and I pause and think. Do I want to get involved? He is actually one of the normal players at the table. Instinct takes over... Raise!!!!. He caps. Anyway, Ace on the turn and lose to his pocket rockets. Next hand or 2, AQ. OK, maybe this will make up for it. Nice Ace on the flop. I'm just getting called down, I should be good. What is that on the river? A Jack? Yep, he had AJ. Next hand or so. QJs. Flop open ended straight draw and a flush draw. Doesn't get there. And finally, A9s. Again Ace on flop and guy calls me down only to hit his gutshot straight on the river.

As you may have read here, people calling down on a gut shot draw really sets me off. At this point, I only had one table open as the "one more round" had completed on the other tables. I had $50 left at the table (I'm playing 3/6 SH by the way) and I even said to myself, you can kiss this $50 goodbye. Of course the final round thing was off and I'm back to try to catch up mode. This may come as a surprise. I lost the $50 when my ATo from the button open raising on a A2Txx board lost to pocket ducks.

So that is how you go from being $14 down (I was actually up including bonus) to $150 down in a matter of minutes. So, yes, I may to rethink my "one last round" strategy.

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cc said...

I'll tend to play around to the blind, and tighten up. The QJs may be marginal in early position, but otherwise you did what you were supposed to do. I tend to get into more of a problem when I'm trying to reach a certain dollar amount, say I've got $X93 and trying to get to $Y00, so I end up losing a big chunk of the $93 chasing the $7 to make an even $100.

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