Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wonka's Law

I hate poker.

OK, not really; but sometimes... oof.

You've all heard of Murphy's Law. Well, I am now renaming it to Wonka's Law. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.

Of course that is an exaggeration; but do you ever feel like that?

I had been having a nice month closing in on 2K. Well, until last night.

Ring Play:

Actually started off well here. After 100 or so hands I was up a hundy. Dropped 2 hundy in a flash and flatlined for awhile. Some things went south in tournies (more on that later) and had some adverse effects on Ring Play. It was just one of those nights when you name it was happening. Runner Runner gutshot, flopped trips going down, etc, etc.... I won't bore you with details. At the end of the night, I was down almost $600. Ouch!!!


This was an up and down exercise. Just before the bubble, I made the almost mandatory raise and continuation bet with the hammer. Didn't work out; although, hammer play the sequel did work so I got some of the chips back. I get KK and raise it and a shortstack goes all in (sorry didn't capture names and links). He turns over QJ and I'm hopefully in good shape. That is until he flops trips. Anyway, onto bubble time as there are 5 payouts and I find myself in 1st place. There was talk about who was going to bubble and I said to myself that I knew it was going to be me because that was just the way things were going this evening. Two major pots that I probably played badly. Both of them involved middle suited aces. I have never been a good front runner as my bullying or whatever never seems to work out. Anyway, both times I raised it up only to be pushed by others. Now, both of these guys are very capable of making plays and I called both of their all ins. Both of them had AK. First hand, no help. Second hand, the pusher was in the BB and had folded to some reraises earlier, so I called. I flopped my lower pair, only to see it counterfeited by the river and as advertised, I bubbled out. I couldn't even watch the rest.

Final tabled another tourney that had $500 1st place... ran into Aces twice on the final table and then went out on an uninteresting hand where I again got rivered. Talk about drowning on the river. That was me last night.

This was about the time that I decided to open up a 5/10 table. It was a great table as there was a 55%er and a 70%er. I guess "great" is in the eye of the beholder because again after getting up a hundy it all went south on 4 card flushes and straights and river gut shots.. blah blah blah..

So things went bad and I was coming down to wind down with some TV or something, I mentioned to Mrs Wonka (who was up feeding baby #2) that it was a bad night, she decided to bring up the "poker addiction" conversation. Obviously, I was in no mood for it. Luckily, I just let her make her speech and said. OK, I'm addicted.. you happy and that was it.

That should do it and hopefully, tumor (or whenever I play next) is a better day.


Cheapskate said...

I hate the "poker addiction" conversation. It's why I only play two or three times a month now. IMHO, it's best to not mention poker to a SO who isn't too thrilled with your playing unless (a) you are asked or (b) you are asking if it's OK to sling some virtual cards for a while. Things will turn around. Keep grinding.

Jason said...

I hate the "addicted conversation". even if I don't play for an entire week, as soon as i open up a poker site the conversation starts. At least she waited until you were done. I usually have to have this conversation while four tabling and on the bubble in at least one tourney. talk about tilt. I have lost more money this way than any other leak in my game. If you find something that works let me know

mookie99 said...

You should check out CC's series on Poker and Relationship's if you haven't already.

Thanks for playing last night, sucks to go out on the bubble but you played great (at least from what I saw until I fell asleep :) )

chipper said...

Throw in playing several hours of Internet roleplaying games and you can just call it a Computer addiction. I spend half my time playing computer games and the other half poker. The word "poker" never comes up on conversation - its just "that damn computer". Still - God bless our better halves - they keep looking out for us.

Michael said...

It's a tough spot to be in with the "addiction" conversation, Will.

Consider buying a nice gift for Mrs. Wonka, preferably something you both can share (weekend out of town together, etc.). That way she can also reap the benefits of your poker time, too.

cc said...

I would be careful about following Chipper's advice as it might lead to a computer monitor being dropped on your head!

First, can one of us win a pot every now and then? I mean, how much fun is it to play in these ring games and have everyone call you down with underpairs when your AK doesn't hit or call your KK raise with 49o in the bb only to flop two pair?

Maybe a fresh approach is an agreed upon amount of time for poker and for television, something that would hit both of you hard. Right now for me, poker's becoming a stress releaser that I'm probably succombing to too much, probably doing more mind-numbing not focused play than anything.

A different view you may want to take is what does your life look like in twelve months? How many hours of poker a week do you play, and what does your wife pursue with time for herself? Very easy to get caught in the moment.

Anonymous said...

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Wwonka said...

admitting you have a problem is the first step.

Just kidding waiting for my wife to bring it up also.


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