Friday, September 15, 2006

Survivor Fun

Not much in the way of poker last night, it took twice as many hands to win 1/2 as much money. That seems flawed somewhere. Nothing too exciting as I only played 200 hands for $120. Yes, my aces got cracked... la de da de da... move on... I'll take it.. positive sessions are just that. No room to complain.

Since I don't have much poker news I thought I would bring some Survivor Fun. Yes, Survivor started last night and yes I watch it. It is one of the shows that Mrs Wonka and myself enjoy watching together. Reading my comments last night, our good buddy CC has some questions that must be answered. Here they are (with his comments):

>> How long will they keep the tribes?
I'm guessing they'll have to combine to two fairly quickly, as well as nuke more than one person soon.
>> Will those two do the dirty deed next week, and will they show it?
>> Will the African American tribe be able to make fire with flint?
>> What in the world is the job of the hippie girl who let the chickens go? And isn't that automatic dismissal?

Added by WillWonka

>>Who is the favorite after week 1?
>> Will the Medicine Man cure any more ailments?
>> Who is the hottest chick?? guy??

We shall see.. I will think about these and answer them in the comments a little later.

Have a good weekend!!!!

1 comment:

WillWonka said...

1. Yep, tribes will have to be combined shortly.
2. Not next week; but soon, CBS will have to throw out some teasers first.
3. That's a tough one. I'm guessing not for a while.
4. Hippie girl is not long for this competition.

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