Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hoy, Drake and No Limit

Wow, this basketball stuff is really getting in the way of my poker playing. I'm averaging getting to the virtual tables only once a week, maybe twice if I'm lucky. Speaking of lucky, yesterday was one of those weeks where I have now played twice in a 7 day stretch.. wahoo....

Given that there is a minor tourney challenge, I decided to give the MATH for the first time in ages. It has probably been a year. Mrs Wonka wanted to watch some where are they now thing for the Bachelor and I had to put my foot down. So I bought in and things went OK.

Fast forward to bubble time (something like 83 runners and 10 get paid). Lucko is just abusing everybody with his big stack (as well he should). As always, it came down to a couple of hands. I believe we are on the actual bubble here and I am going from 8th to 11th as blinds are going and being stolen.

The first hand, I am in late position and look down with AQ; but what happens, zeroluck001 is also on the bottom of things and pushes. At this point, he does have me out chipped. There is not much I hate less than calling with whatever hand and being knocked out of tourney; especially on the bubble. Of course, if you a big pair then maybe; but I always look to be putting on the pressure rather than calling. Since Zero was UTG (I think), I chose to sit this hand out and folded. Bad play? What is his range? I would not say ATC; especially when coming from EP.

The final hand is really an uneventful, I don't think anybody plays it different. I am in SB with ATs. Lucko raises again and Push. Unfortunately BB had pocket kings and I could not hit an ace nor hit my inside straight draw on river and I bubbled. I have now bubbled the Mook and the MATH within 2 weeks. Good Times!!!
Speaking of MOOK. He actually sat down at one of my cash game tables. I guess sleep really is overrated as he finds time to play poker. LOL. I know what you are thinking. Why is Mook playing limit poker? The answer, he wasn't. For whatever reason, I decided to dabble with high stakes NL poker. OK, so maybe 25c/50c NL is not high stakes. He sat down right in time to see me get all in preflop with Aces vs Queens. Gold star for anybody that guesses what came on flop. Anyone???? Bueller???? I also got to see my Kings ousted by a set of 4s. I saw my own set of 4s ousted by runner, runner flush. So, different game, same results. I was down around 3 buyins; but was fortunate enough to finish off well and be up for the day a grand total of $1.15 (not counting Tourney).
This marks the first year in probably a decade or more that I did not go down to watch the Missouri Valley Conference Basketball Tourney; although I did watch every game on TV. It wasn't terrible as watching on TV does have its advantages; especially when watching with a DVR. One note. Watch out for Drake. They can definitely win a couple of games this year. They will probably get a 5 seed which is always scary playing one of those last teams in games; but they play a style unlike any team. The one big problem is that they aren't big as their tallest guy is 6'8". We shall see. Hopefully, Illinois State will also get in from the Valley; but that might be wishing for too much. Right now, most people have them in.
Have a Nice Day!

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