Wednesday, March 19, 2008

WASTE!!! and PAD

I did something that I have never, ever done last night.

Have you ever done something that lasted about 45 minutes and then afterwards knew that it was one of the biggest wastes of time that you have ever spent? Well, I did last night.

With the upcoming basketball tourney and home poker tourneys, I told Mrs Wonka that I would spend some time watching her shows. Well, last night her choice was American Idol. Now, I have never, ever watched this show except for bits and pieces when I happen to be in the room when she was watching.

Last night they did something where they all sang Beatles songs. Apparently, this was the second night of doing this. Now, I don't know about you; but being a guy in his 40s grew up listening to the Beatles... not necessarily live as they were a little before my time; but the Beatles were a big part of what I listened to and to see these wannabe singers pretty much destroy their songs made me almost angry.

All I could keep on saying to my wife was these guys and girls were not the Beatles. Actually, it made me appreciate the Beatles even more. I think I do need to say that I am in no way saying anything against their singing ability as most of them seem to have very good voices; but some things should just be left alone or at least not changed too much when you are going to cover a song by the Fab Four. But change they did and it kind of... sort of.. ok actually disgusted me. Of course, I know that they just can't sing the song without changing as they are judged on their creativity along with their singing; but when it comes to the Beatles. DON'T... just DON'T.

The only saving grace for me was that we watched it on DVR and took the 2 hour show and watched it in 45 minutes; but even still, it totally felt like a waste of time. I will watch tonight's show just to see who got voted off; but they should only take a few minutes as I won't waste any time watching the first part of the show.

OK, that is it. Sorry, no poker content which also may be another first, a blog post without poker content. WAIT... stop the presses. I just realized what I just said. I now have to throw some poker content in to justify my above rambling.

Hmmmm what do.. Got it.

There isn't too much poker on TV right now so really the only that I am DVRing is Poker After Dark. I am beginning to like this show less and less. I love the idea of getting superstars and playing a 20K buyin winner take all SNG. The theme weeks that have are good. I like that idea; but watching this show is painful.

Let me explain. I believe they show every hand and they can be considered slow and dry for some folks. Not me. I love that aspect of it; but the actual play is simply terrible SNG play. Now, they are very deep stacked and the structure is not the structure of a Turbo SNG that we see on Full Tilt. I also know that these guys love to play after the flop. I only keep 5 shows on my DVR so they are constantly getting deleted and re-recorded; but there was a hand with I believe Patrik Antonius, John Juanda and Daniel Negreanu. Unfortunately, I don't recall the whole hand; but between the three of them, they AK, JJ and KTs (not positive on this last one) and preflop this was limped in. Come on now, somebody needs to be raising here. Juanda ended up flopping a set; but losing to Broadway on the river which I might add that he laid down. These guys are good, no doubt about that.

Anyway, too much limping for my taste which takes a way a little from my enjoyment; but for the most part it is still worth recording for me to listen to their chatter; but overall, not the best poker on TV.

Have a nice Day!!!!


jamyhawk said...

I was hanging blinds in my house and was in the room my wife was watching american idol's 1st Beatles episode. There was a girl who did "8 days a week" country hoedown bootscoot or whatever style.

It was HORRIBLE. I couldn't believe they even tried it. I had no interest in hearing any more "butchering" of the Beatles and was glad when I finished and could leave that room.

OhCaptain said...

I agree with you on the PAD. None of these pros seem to know how to play a SNG. Most of these players are great cash game or tournament players, but few of them ever venture into SNGs.

The after flop is cool, but I would like to see what happens if they got a SNG specialist on there. Crush them like bugs.

WillWonka said...

Jamy... totally agree although I didn't see the first night of Beatles.

Ohcaptain.. They have had Huck Seed on there and he obviously plays a ton of SNGs; but other than him, not too many SNG players. I almost agree that they would get crushed. Most of them would just quickly adapt, I'm sure.

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