Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No Skillz and Idol

Mrs Wonka was out to dinner with some family members with birthdays so I decided to punch up the Skills Series. Tonight was Razz. I'm obviously no expert in Razz but have a deep enough understanding where I can at least hang around for awhile.... or so I thought.

83 Runners and a less than stellar finish at 79th. To say that Surflexus was hitting his river cards tonight would be a huge understatement. He took a couple of large pots off of me as well as others to take a pretty big table lead along with somebody else that I can't remember.

The sad thing is and I really hate this is that he didn't take my chips and put them to good use as he went out in 44th.

I wonder how many BBT points I get for 79th? Oh well.


I hate to admit it; but I gave American Idol another shot tonight once Mrs Wonka returned. Again, I have to say that this program is just not my thing. I do, however, love music and appreciate what these people are trying to do. I find myself agreeing with this Simon guy which is there for shock value; but I think he must know something about the music business. At least I hope so. Kidding. Obviously he does.

Something happened on this show that I thought I would never happen. I uttered some words that didn't even sound remotely plausible just a few short hours ago. Some guy (from Missouri by the way) sang a Michael Jackson song and just absolutely nailed it. The song was Billie Jean; but it was a much better version as I believe the arrangement was put together by someone from SoundGarden. It was pretty good. We actually rewound the DVR and listened to it again. He is now my favorite to win this thing taking over for this Brooke girl that I liked earlier. I think the fan favorite is this 8 year old looking guy; but he is down on the list for me.

Wow, I can't believe I even spent 2 minutes talking about American Idol. The things you do for your wife.


Only played about 400 hands of NL tonight with mixed results. I was about break even when my wife got home. After watching the show, I came back and my very first hand from the BB was AQ on an Ace high board. Unfortunately, the villain had AK; but at least he slowed down after my check raise on turn and I got a free showdown. The 2 tables that I was playing seemed to be very aggressive and it is frustrating when you finally do get the hand and you have set it up perfectly in earlier hands and they don't follow through with their typical aggression.

Oh well, I ended the session up 7BB/100. By the way, I could mention dollar amounts that I am up or down; but for now, I want to measure in BB/100 which I believe will help for comparisons sake at a later time if and when I move up in stakes. Right now, I am happy working off my rust playing 25c/50c. I just need to be careful not pick up to many passive habits down here.

I watched a video today from Stoxpoker of Stox playing two tables of 10/20 NL and they had 3 or 4 of the Stoxpoker team reviewing the session with Stox. It made for some interesting conversation. I'm going to try to watch a few more NL videsos to see if they are in line in quality as with Bryce and Stox on their Limit videos.

That's it for now... not much to say.

Have a nice day!!!

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