Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Willwonka attempt at Live Blogging

I see a lot of others doing this so I will give it a try...

9:00 I am not listening do Buddy Dank as I should be but I have thrown on an old Cranberries CD (To the faithful departed).

Good luck all..

9:01 Stole blinds with first 2 hands. I also have 2 tables of Micro Limit up. After 126 hands, I am running at 19.64 bb/100

Starting table at Mook a good one:


Mookie himself

Good Luck Again..

9:10 Sick hand alert... on_thg limps UTG with JJ. Mookie calls in LP with 66 and call from SB with J8.. Flop comes J6T with 2 hearts.. I check with Top Pair.. on_thy suspiciously leads out
and Mook Raises... they get it all in and on_thg wins with set over set... Jacks over Sixes.. Tough, tough break Mook

9:13 On_thg vs Mook Part Deax... Mook pushes QJs and gets called ON with 52s... Flop comes 225... GG Mook... Tough Tough.. At least he wasn't first out..

9:17 I can already tell this is going to be harder than it looks with the Mook and 2 Cash game tables.

9:18 Qwackers joins table... I'm at T2625

9:23 Took a pretty big put w/o showdown against BudHorseman. Top pair with gutter is good... hopefully... Stole blinds also... T3450

9:37 on life support with AQ and BvsB battle and QQ all going down in flames T1195

9:41 OUT.... so what for live blogging... my fault limped utg with ATs and and SB and BB limped.. flop comes 7JT 2 diamonds.. my suit... Qwackers check raises me and I push... of course he limped with JJ and I don't hit my diamond. This makes the 2nd tourney in a row where somebody has limped with a big pocket pair. OH well...

Also just lost in cash game with AA to Q2.. nice call preflop dork!!! OH well .. that's it for now.. finished around 94th.

I finished out my cash game in unspectacular fashion...

Just a 5.77BB /100 with 486 hands.

My stats still look pretty close to the same as usual.. 26.13/16.87/2.59

I made one really bonehead play on a blind vs blind deal when I had AA. The SB was somebody seeing 60% of flops. He called from SB and I popped it the size of pot. He called. The flop came QQx and he checked and I tried the overbet for value as this guy was calling anything. This time, unfortunately for me, he had a Q. Luckily he was fairly short at the time.

And even worse, I did not get a chance to get my chips back as he left about 15-30 minutes later.


Didn't agree with the Chikezie getting voted off tonight. Enough said


Another strike against big business. I won't write about this as it makes me mad just thinking about it; but please take a look at this link to CNN to see how Wal-Mart needs to rethink their priorities.

Have a nice day!!!


OhCaptain said...

Short Mookie for both of us tonight. Fun while it lasted, I guess.

You can tell its short when google reader catches the entire live blog.

See ya next week!

WillWonka said...

Ain't it the truth Captain...

BTW, I updated the post with a link to you. I couldn't find it before.

lightning36 said...

I hadn't seen the Wal-Mart story before. Of course, this chain has been ruthless in driving small business owners out of business for years.

Being a frugal-type guy, I used to love shopping at Wal-Mart for the prices. Now I avoid going in there as much as possible. Stories like the one you linked are the reason why.

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