Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mook, The Wire, Enough is Enough

Quick post today.

Another Wednesday, another Mook. Again, things started out nice for me as I was even the chip leader just before the 1st break; but Lucko, I am not. I am, however, a Lucko wannabe. Especially when it comes to re-raises. I would have to say that is my weakest part of my game, re-raising with position. Maybe one of these days I will learn the secret. Certainly, raising with the big chip stack is a little bit easier; but I still do not have that down; but when it raised before me, I back down like a scared little chicken that I am. I keep telling myself to wait for better spots. OK, maybe he got a little lucky (very lucky) this time around; but he definitely knows how to use the big stack.

I believe there were a little over 100 players tonight and I managed to make the top 25%; but ironically lost with the same hand that cost me on Monday, ATs. Part or should I say a lot of my stack went to Emptyman who definitely had the push all in from the Blinds down to a science. I believe he re-raised me All-In 4,342,321 times .... give or take and I folded. Finally, it got to me and I called his all in with ATs and similar to Monday, I couldn't suck out on his AK and finished 25th. 18 places paid so again, close but no cigar.

So back to the drawing board with special emphasis on the middle game.


Similar to the BlogFather, I am deeply saddened to see HBO's "The Wire" come to an end after 5 seasons. This has truly been one of the best shows (to me) off all time. I still think that I am putting Sports Night as the best and Dexter definitely has potential to get there after 2 seasons. The Wire was just spectacularly written and acted and touched on so many things that it is mind blowing. I really encourage anyone to get out rent. Start with Season 1 and enjoy.


When is enough, enough? For the most part, I am a very even keeled kind of Wonka. I can let things go with no problems; but I think I am going to start throwing in some things where enough is just enough. My current beef is with the oil and gas companies. Gas today in St Louis is $3.09. I know it is much higher in other areas and it just enrages me to no end? Why? Without going into a lot of detail as this is a poker blog, Exxon/Mobile announced their quarterly earnings back in early February. That earnings release included 40.6 Billion dollars in Revenues which translated to 11.7 Billion in Profits which were of course record profits. Now, I am all for free enterprise and market demand and get what you can get; but this is freaking ridiculous. While people are losing their homes, unemployment is going through the roof, we are sinking closer and closer to recession, companies like these (yes, I'm not just picking on XOM) just continue to rake in the profits.

Again, this is OK, if it doesn't have too many trickle down effects... such as gas over $3 FREAKIN DOLLARS!!!! Too put it another way, this article said:

"Suppose Exxon Mobil decided to return the favor and buy you a tank of gas. Then again, why stop there? The oil giant turned a profit last year fat enough to buy a fill-up for every car, truck and SUV in America -- four times"

To me that is more than crazy. Things like this (and don't even get me started on why we are not using alternative energy more) cause so many economic problems that cause things like economic stimulus packages. Yes, go spend your rebates!!! Take a trip. Maybe you can drive across the city and back. Let's spend our money to make the rich richer. I'm sure XOM CEO, Rex Tillerson, is all worried about this type stuff as he collects his $6.3 Million dollar salary (money and stock).

And no, I'm not suggesting that we do any silly boycott day of buying gas as that maybe this dumbest thing I ever heard. Ok, we don't buy any gas and really stick it to the oil companies. What about the next day? Guess What? You still need gas. Nice Plan, Sherlock.

Of course, I don't have the answer; but somewhere somehow, we need to resolve this ever increasing disaster. Does the buck lie with our government? I think to a great deal, yes!!! and I am not picking on any specific party as this has been a problem for many decades. Yes, we as individuals can also do our part by car pooling, using mass transportation, riding our bicycles, etc... etc... Something.

Anyway, that is all I have for now. I'm sure that I will come up with more "Enough is Enough" subjects in the near future.

Have a nice day!

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Anonymous said...

You need to get over it!! The amount that is -- do you think the ceo of morgan stanley is making less? can you fill your tank with a derivitive?? For all the obamans if xom and other oils made 40b you can bet they paid 40b in taxes to the feds, schools, etc. not to mention what they have to give away to be political correct, and they reinvest half 25b looking for new oil so you can get to work. The chinese are drilling off cuba, but us oils can't because we are being environmental concious. think about it. If you divide xon or shell or cheveron into four parts would it make you feel better they are making 10b instead of 40b. Check out russia and china's huge state sponsored oils the our us company's have to compete with to get oil to fill your tank, and make plastic for eveything else you own and eat out of. Oh you think those guys have laws that prohibit bribery or force them to educate and employ the local tribes people as us companys have to do. I don't think so. But u are right we have a problem. I don't like $4 gas and $5 diesel, but it's comming for awhile, and corn want fix it.
Wind and Solar will help - the electric car will help - but we got a lot of work to do.
So keep thinking.

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