Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back to Reality

I knew it was going to come and it did last night... in spades.

I don't have a lot of time; but in fairness, I wanted to at least post something.

The basic gist of the story is that I was down 7 buyins last night. It was 10 at one point. It was back to 5 at one point; but then ultimately it ended up at 7. It was just one of those nights that even if you got it in good, you lost. I was stacked four times as a 80% favorite. There was a set over set stacking. There was a flopped dummy straight losing to a flopped nut straight. You know, those kind of things that happen when you play this game long enough. I must have got JackAce 30 times (27 last time I checked) and just could flop anything and when I did, it wasn't good enough. I was a loser with KK, QQ, JJ and TT. Etc. Etc.

I played BoDonk last night and was a big chip leader for a while; but gave it all back. I did make the final table; but ran into ThreeJacks Pocket Aces.

Have a good Turkey Day weekend.

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