Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nice Weekend pretty much all around

I pretty much how a nice weekend all around from Sports to poker.

First let's talk about Friday's Hand.

The villain here is pretty much a maniac playing 57% of his hands while raising 41% and very aggressive with a 4.0 aggression factor.

Full Tilt Poker $0.50/$1 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players
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BB: $145.85
UTG: $106.00
Hero (MP): $129.30
CO: $254.15
BTN: $426.05
SB: $108.50

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is MP with Kh Kd
1 fold, Hero raises to $3.50, CO calls $3.50, 3 folds

Flop: ($8.50) Js Ts Qh (2 players)
Hero bets $5, CO calls $5

Again, pretty standard preflop and flop bets. I flop an over pair with and OESD so not bad.

Turn: ($18.50) Jd (2 players)
Hero bets $12, CO requests TIME, CO calls $12

Given his stats, I thought it was safe to fire another bullets as I most likely ahead. He takes a long, long time and finally just calls. I was fully expecting a push after him taking that much time; but he didn't

River: ($42.50) 8s (2 players)

Hero checks, CO bets $42.50, Hero requests TIME, Hero ??

Wow, could this river card be any worse? If he was drawing to the spades, he hit it. If he had a straight draw with a 9, he hit it. If he has a J, he wins. He bets the pot. From a maniacal type player, it seems like a bluff. What do you do?

As you can see I took my time and finally ended up folding. I think taking a river shot at this might have been the best play. Just a small blocking type bet of say $20. If he pushes, I can probably fold. Instead, he could represent many, many hands and I couldn't call.

Friday, was just poker night. I played a little longer to get points for Saturday as I wasn't sure how much I would be able to play on Saturday. Anyway, it was a good night of poker.

Saturday was a good sports day. It started off with my college, Missouri State opening up their new building with a win over Arkansas. MO State doesn't get to play schools from large conferences very often; but they have started off with 2 or their first 3 against Southeast Conference teams. They hung in with Auburn for a bit before losing by 15; but have come back to win the next two games against Central Michigan and Arkansas. MO St was picked to come in last place in the Missouri Valley Conference which is the first time that has ever happened as they are typically in the top half.

The big college football game Saturday was OU vs Texas Tech. As hard as it was, I was rooting for OU; however, I did not want them to destroy Tech as they did. While, Texas did remain at #2 in the polls, it looks as though they might lose that ranking next week if OU handles OSU.

And then on Sunday, The Cowboys took care of business. So sportswise, things went well. Not so much for my Fantasy teams; but what can you do.

Poker wise for the weekend, things went really well. Here is the chart.

My good fortune seems to be continue. I am enjoying the ride; but know that it can't last.

I'm even having thoughts of moving up a step to 200NL. Has anybody played both 100NL and 200NL to tell me any major differences (6max)? I'll finish out the month per my normal routine and see how it goes.

Onto the hand of the day. While there were some tough decisions this weekend; nothing was really too far out of the ordinary. I'll throw this one out there for comments.

SB is weak passive at 67/7/2.0 or small amount of hands
BB is more aggressive at 33/18/1.8 over 60 hands.

Full Tilt Poker $0.50/$1 No Limit Hold'em - 5 players
The Official Hand History Converter

BB: $91.20
Hero (UTG): $112.30
CO: $104.40
BTN: $32.65
SB: $43.30

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is UTG with 8s 8c
Hero raises to $3.50, CO calls $3.50, BTN calls $3.50, SB calls $3, BB calls $2.50

hmmm family pot

Flop: ($17.50) 6s 5c 4d (5 players)
SB checks, BB checks, Hero bets $12, CO folds, BTN folds, SB calls $12, BB calls $12

OK.. not a terrible flop, let me take a shot here.

Turn: ($53.50) Ac (3 players)
SB checks, BB bets $12, Hero calls $12, SB raises to $27.80 all in, BB calls $15.80, Hero ??

I think the first call seems a little weak and then after check raise and a call, somebody would seem to have an ace. I've got odds; but is it worth it?


I did play a home tourney at JamyHawks house but went out right at the first break. I ran into a guy that hadn't really played holdem much and as it always seems to go, they catch cards. No matter what I had, he had better such as flush over flush. Finally, right before the break everybody (or most) limped to my BB. I probably had a little over 12 or 13 big blinds and pushed my JackAce. Of course the new guy says.. what the heck and calls with KTs and catches a Ten and I go home. Oh well, that is how it goes sometimes. I still had a good time meeting some new guys and it always fun playing live poker. Maybe next time, I'll do better.

Have a nice day!!!


Klopzi said...

Regarding the second hand, I don't think there's much value in betting the flop. You're rarely going to pick up the pot and you'll have no idea where you are if you're called since the board is so drawy. I'd also fold on the turn to BB's bet.

As played, fold. You're not getting odds and you know all the money's going in on the river.

jamyhawk said...

I would also fold on today's hand. You're only drawing to the 4 7's and 2 8's and could end up splitting if someone is playing A8. A raise and a re-raise and I have to fold.

Thanks for playing Saturday. See you next time.

pokerpeaker said...

I like your fold there as well. His long pause tells me he's either multi-tabling or he's trying to think hard about calling, which to me says he's on a draw. The fact that the card probably filled him up one way means it's time to fold. You only have a pair. Plus the pause might have come from the fact that he had a monster the whole time and was just considering how to get money out of you. That's also a sign of a pause.

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