Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BoDonk Deja Vu and Auto Bailout

I had a good day yesterday where I was up about 3 or 4 buyins. I'll throw one hand out there for your thoughts and I will follow up with the results tomorrow.

Villain is your typical TAG... 17/14/2.0.. but only after 30 hands.

Full Tilt p0ker $0.50/$1 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players
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SB: $120.85
Hero (BB): $120.00
UTG: $121.20
MP: $158.05
CO: $113.85
BTN: $200.00

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is BB with 4s As
UTG raises to $3.50, 2 folds, BTN calls $3.50, 1 fold, Hero calls $2.50

Closing the action here, I don't mind seeing a flop. Thoughts?

Flop: ($11.00) 3c Ad 2d (3 players)
Hero checks, UTG checks, BTN checks

Anybody bet out here?

Turn: ($11.00) 5d (3 players)
Hero checks, UTG checks, BTN bets $9, Hero raises to $28, UTG folds, BTN calls $19

I check raise and get called? Shut it down?

River: ($67.00) 9s (2 players)
Hero ?

In other news, I played in the Tuesday BoDonk again. This time, I just stayed in the middle of the pack for the most part; but found myself at the final table again and then eventually headsup with none other than Iam23skiddo again. At one point, I took over the chip lead; but I not sure I had the lead when it came to heads up. There was definitely some DejaVu going on as soon as it got to heads up, I went card dead. I ended up check raising 2nd pair only to find out that I was outkicked. So, 2nd place again for me. Good Game skiddo. I believe I am in 7th place in the leaderboard standings.

In other, other news, I was off work yesterday and sat down around 4PM to see how the stock market did that day and they were showing the Senate Hearings with the Auto Makers. I was just drawn to this and couldn't stop watching. Watching the Senators drill these highly successful (and paid) executives who were more or less begging for money just caught my attention and kept it. They definitely had to answer some tough questions around executive pay, going concern questions, why they deserve it, what are they going to do with it, etc... It was some good TV. At the end of the day, I'm sure that they will get it and then some other industry will takes it turn. We'll see how it goes.

Have a nice day!!!


Klopzi said...

I'd bet out on the river and expect to get shown an Ace or a pocket pair. If you check, it's too likely that Villain checks behind with a hand that you beat.

Phil Reynolds said...

I think there is two schools of thought for this situation. One you don't bet because most likely you will only get a call by a possible flush or even the same straight.

The other thought would be to bet it out hoping they had an Ace with a ok kicker.

I think in the long run it is better to bet on the safer situation which in this case would be to check. I would not argue either choice though.

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