Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bubble Bubble Boy and Tough Month

Unfortunately, I don't think that I am going to be able to play in as many Mookies this year due to me getting up early on Wednesday mornings; but I was able to make last weeks. And just like I thought, as it got to the later stages, I was half asleep. Although it has been a few days, I don't even think I could have told you the next day what hands I hand and how I played them in the last hour or so. I guess it really does stink getting old. At then end of the day, I believe I made it to the final table pretty short and was able to last until 8th with 6 paying so that made me the bubble bubble boy. Dang!!!

The bad part with not being able to play as much (at least at the beginning of the year) is getting the tourney summaries so that I can do the stats for Mook so originally, I was not going to do them. Upon further review, I changed my mind and I'll get the summaries one of the other (either by playing or getting them from Mook) and I will continue to do the stats.

I'm hoping that people enjoy reading them as much I enjoy preparing them and looking at them. let me know in the comments if you do actually look at these things which help me in knowing that I'm not wasting my time.

Changing subjects..

My cash game has taken an about face this month. While I started off pretty good being up about 8 buyins in the first few days, things went south quickly. Saturday was heading to be one of my worst days and the anchor was just dropping faster and faster. I found myself in the midst of a 20 buyin downswing. I think I have already mentioned some of the things that happened; but I just kept playing my game and hoping that things will change. Sounds foolish; but then it happened, my hands actually started holding up, I even sucked with QQ beating out KK; but then gave it right back on the next hand (another table) where my flopped set lost to a 4 card straight.

Anyway, here is a graph of my Saturday to help you appreciate the comeback.

I then followed that up today winning almost 3 buyins. Unfortunately, I still have a ways to go to get back to even for the month.. even with the good start. We'll see what happens.
Changing Subjects.
Go Kurt Warner!!!!!!
That's about all I have to say about that.
Have a nice day!!!

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spritpot said...

bro - 20 bis? that is BAD stuff...i've been there before and its not good. when yer in a bad spot like that post on PDA and have someone talk you off the ledge and LOCK YER ACCT!

good to hear you battled back!


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