Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Too Good to be True

Unlike a lot of my sessions, last night started off incredibly well. After about 30 minutes, I was already up 3 buyins. The tables were good and I kept asking myself, is this too good to be true? In the back of my mind, I just knew things would probably change and the law of averages would creep up on me.

Long story short. ummm.. yep.. Down 7 buyins for the night. Set over set 3 times, flopped flush over flopped flush once.. At some point, the big raise comes in on the river and you just stop and say... he cannot have the near nuts.... AGAIN... but yep, he does... 2 people slow playing Aces and I couldn't lay down top pair. He really couldn't have hit runner, runner.. yep.... Did he really call me down with just Ace high and get the Ace on the river (ok.. he also had bottom pair on the flop)? Yep... Did my Aces and/or Kings really just cracked for the 3rd time tonight? Yep

Note to self. Hero calls rarely work at 50c/1.00 6 max no limit. If they are putting a big raise on the river, they probably have it. Sure, a couple of my hero calls did work; but some of those were just check/call on the river for value as I was pretty sure the guy would bluff bet on the river.

I had a couple of hands where warning bells went off. I acted on one of them and didn't get full value. I pushed the other one and got stacked. I guess you could say, I just wasn't on last night. At least for the full night.

Anyway, I'm now back to zero for the month after a really good start. How many times do I build a profit for a week just to lose in one day. How many times does this need to happen before I fix it. Is it even fixable? I used to take my hit and run sessions; but I don't want to do that anymore. Should I be doing that? Who knows?

We'll see what happens.

Have a nice day!!!

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