Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Stepping Backwards?

I went to the gym yesterday and told the front desk person that I would like to do the opposite of what most people are doing this time of year.

I said that I would like to cancel my membership. What? What happenend to my goal of eating better and exercising. Well, there was another goal of being fiscally responsible so that goal won out and I will be saving $32 a month from my Golds Membership. But wait.... My office now has a pretty good workout facility so I hope to still meet the goal of exercising. It will just be at work. This also works out better from a timing perspective. Now, I can just go in after work and still be home at a normal time.

Speaking of stepping backwards, that is how my poker started out last night. On three consective all in hands (not 3 consectitive hands), I lost to runner runner hands which put me down almost 3 buyins down. I had my ups and downs from there; but ended up nearly a buyin which I guess I will have to take. I didn't play too late because I wanted to go watch the Texas Football game. Can anybody give me a Hook 'em Horns?

This morning I was greeted to someone griping about how Texas barely won the game against #13 Ohio State and about some of the interviews after the game. I tried to explain to her about the motivation for Texas to play in this game; or should I say the lack thereof. I'm sure that they truly belived (as do I) that they should be playing in the National Championship game and to play in the Fiesta bowl or any other non National Championship game is just that.... another game. The end of the day, they did win and that is good; but I'm sure there are still plenty of sour grapes.

Have a nice day!!!


Gadzooks64 said...

Too funny.

I just canceled my Gold's Gym membership this morning too.

Still good until 2/28 though because there's some stupid 45 day rule. As if I'll go between now and then - this is the time of year that place is packed to the gills.

WillWonka said...

Yea, that 45 day thing is pretty gay.

Mookie said...

I canceled my gym membership last week for the same exact reasons...save some cash and I have a gym at work.

Hook 'em Horns! A win is a win. So tired of college football's direction of teams having to win by bunches and then hope and pray the formula works in their favor. Give us a playoff already.

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