Wednesday, February 01, 2006


They say that confession is good for the soul. Now, I'm not Catholic; but I will give it a go anyway. Bless me poker blog readers, for I have.... oh you know the drill. This post is spurred by Scurvy's post today. If you haven't read it yet, it is a must read.

Our last story ended on Saturday where I said that I was going to take some time off to hopefully heal my tendonitus in my wrist. Well, Sunday comes along and I forget that I have qualified for a Party 10K freeroll along with over 1,800 other freerollers. Anway, I get ready to start and decide that I can't just single table, can I? So I open up Poker World to play in their 1K guarantee w/ rebuys. Now, there is usually a fairly low turnout for these and Sunday was no different. So, about 23 of us start that tourney at the same time as the Party. Things are going OK with Party as I am 3 times average at the 1st break. Now, over at PW, things aren't going as well and I rebuy twice... Things go good from there and I vault to chip lead. A missed flop with AKs takes a good chunk from me. A couple of woulda-coulda-shoulda hands come up. I'm on the button with 99. UTG Maniac raises it up as he has been doing nearly every hand. The the Cutoff re-raises it. The cutoff is a regular of this game and is the current leader on the PW Tourney leaderboard... another words, I typically respect his re-raises. With the blinds and UTG Maniac yet to act, I lay down my 99... One of the blinds call and UTG maniac pushes all in and they both call. I don't rember the exact board except for two cards... x9x9x. Doh!!!! To make things worse, 1 orbit later, same type scenario and I lay down KJ... Flop AQT... Doh!!!!

Anyway, we get down to the final 4 (top 3 pay). There are two massive chip leaders. I am in 3rd with about 3 times the amount of the short stack so I decide to go conservative and let him blind out. That just never works, does it? He wins 3 straight all-ins and now I am the short stack. I end up pushing from the SB with A8 and BB (chip leader) calls with K6 and spikes the 6 on the river. Dang!!! I'm out. I put $82 into the tourney to just bubble out. Obviously, I'm not too happy at the moment.

Meanwhile, things are still going OK with Party through the second break, then in about 3 hands I am gone..... Nothing too earth shattering; but gone none the less.

So, the logical side of me says.. you still had a good month and you are not supposed to be playing anyway.. Take the $82 hit and call it a month. Now back to PW and I decide I am going to get my buy-in back. The only thing they have going is a 1.50/3.00 NL game. I sit down and immediately lose a $50 buyin... I rebuy (of course) and make part of it back and the table breaks up and I am down about $5 for the session. Other than micro limit games, the only other thing available (as this is a very low traffic site) is somebody waiting to play 10/20 Heads Up. Now, I know this guy as you know all of the regulars and know that he is a decent player. But with my new found SH success, I am ready. I won't bore you with the details; but between him and a few others that decided to come along, I dropped my complete PW bankroll ($977 which includes the $82 loss from the tourney). I had the old "decisions not results" thing going for me as I was rivered at least 6 times which adds up pretty quickly; but that didn't really comfort me at all.

I do, at least, decide to call it a night. It is about 11PM and I have the starting signs of getting sick. I go down to watch some TV to hopefully put me to sleep and out of my misery. Well, between a sore throat among other things, I laid on the couch for 5 hours and couldn't sleep a wink. I then decide to go to bed to try and get some sleep. I tossed and turned for about an hour and just gave up. So what do I do? I violate Scurvy's #6 by not moving up limits to chase losses.

I pull up 2 15/30 games on Party. Do I need to say what comes next? Obviously, I can't be at the top of my game even though I tell myself that I don't feel tired. Table 1 immediately goes south and I lose half of my buyin... But then something changes.. I suck out on somebody with AJ against AK with Ace high flop... J on the turn. From there, I proceed to go go up $750 in around 45 minutes. By this time, the sun is coming up and I need to hit the shower to get to work. I take the shower and then the body just broke down. I ended up staying home and sleeping the rest of the day with the flu.

So, I have re-updated my monthly stats and feel fortunate to be where I am at considering my quasi-meltdown. When will I ever learn?

So yes, I am pleading guilty to over half of Scurvy's Notes to Self and hope that this is truly a wake up call. Hopefully, writing this down has secured this re-occuring theme in my play that has to stop.

Switching subjects:

Again, I would like to thank everbybody for voting in my poll below on the limits and type of poker that you are playing. If you have not done this yet, I encourage you to do that as the poll is almost closed. Skip down a few messages and you will find the poll.


Michael said...

Well, my son... ;-)

At least you recovered most of the meltdown at Party 30s, so the lesson wasn't too expensive.

Dropping 45 or so BBs in a HU or SH game is an easy thing to do when you have a bit of bad luck, so certainly no shame there. Did the loss represent a big chunk of your roll or was it something like pride that led you back to the tables to recoup the loss?

Understanding the trigger can help you avoid it in the future.

WillWonka said...

The trigger was definitely pride (and disgust). The $977 did not represent a huge chunk of the bankroll.

The fact that I worked/grinded all month long to make a good profit and to throw half of it away in one night, that there was the rub.

The competitive spirit in me hates any down days and will work to make it back... sometimes, I'm just not to smart about how I go about doing it.

Decisions.. not results... and it was a bad decision to open up a couple 15/30 tables while sick and no sleep. To put in plainly... I got lucky.

HighOnPoker said...

I had a bad run last night also, but nowhere near your start, considering my paltry bankroll. I query though, do you think your flu was affected at all by your poker. First off, I usually feel like crap the night of and the morning after a losing session, especially one in which I felt that I was to blame. Second, if it kept you up, then it probably affected your immune system. Yep, you got sick on poker.

WillWonka said...

I guess that is better than being sick OF poker. The world might come to an end if that were to happen.

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