Sunday, February 05, 2006

WSOP Offer

One more thing I wanted mention about ThisIsTheNuts is that they have a pretty incredible WSOP offer going with a huge overlay. In partnership with Sun Poker, TITN and SP are giving away 10 seats to a WSOP Single Table tournament (Plus $1,000 for travel and hotel). Unfortunately, I had already signed up at Sun Poker so I will not be doing it; but let me give some of the details.

3 seats will be given away for the players with the most rake on Sun Poker during the promotional period. The promotional period is from Feb 1st thru April 30th so you would not be too late into the game (they keep a daily leaderboard so you can always check your status).

3 seats to the next ten players (4-13) with the highest rake on Sun Poker during the same time. Those 10 players will play in a SNG to get to another SNG that will send you to the WSOP.

3 seats will be awarded from among players who generate at least $1,500 in rake during the same period. All of those will play in a Multi-table tourney with top 3 moving to SNG to go to the WSOP.

1 seat will be award to somebody with over $10,000 in rake on Sun Poker and that has the most posts on their forum.

Check out all the details on their website . Currently, they only have 45 people signed up for this deal so get in while you can and head to the Crypto tables of Sun Poker. Oh, and by the way, you would also be making 32% rakeback while playing. Good luck to you and if you like.. use referral code will wonka. Thanks!!

I also have a link over to the right if that makes it any easier.

Well, I played in the Iron Man Challenge tournament this weekend over at Full Tilt. You know, I just need to not look so forward to them because it inevitably leads to disappointment. Things started out well and weird sort of way. Out of the 9 or 10 people seated at my table, only 3 were actually playing. I was in the middle of the three so it was kind of hard to steal blinds; but ended up doing OK and by the first break, I found myself in 20th place out of the 781 that started. About midway through the 1st hour, I did get switched tables so that kind of stunk. There weren't as many sitouts at that table.

Anyway, I moved into the top 10 about midway through the second hour and then got rivered to take away almost 40% of my stack.. We had a guy at the table that was just hitting everything and doing everything he could to bully the table (not that there is anything wrong with that).

Well, I decided to push back with JJ and re-reaised him preflop... Flop came 10 high and he bet out to put me all in. Of course, I called and he showed KQ.. Good news is that the J came on the turn.. The bad news is that his straight card came on the river to knock off my set of Jacks... so I went out in an unimpressive 225th. I don't mind when people beat me; but calling off 60% of his chips... I don't know.. I won't whine too much.. You have to get lucky in multi's as we all know and it just wasn't my day. At least I get a T-shirt out of the deal so I have that going for me.


I've posted my stats from the 1st week of February over to the right. So far so good on the Prima site of Battlefield Poker. For the most part, they seem to be looser and more passive than some of the other sites that I play. It varies a bit as you will find those ultra LAG tables. That is where Poker Tracker and Pokerace HUD really pay off. You simply adjust to the table you are at and off you go. So far in the first week, my BB/hr playing 3/6 short is 30.81 bb/hr... and that does not include the 40% rakeback that I am getting.


As far as the Super Bowl tonight... I main wish if for a good game. Obviously, I hate the Steelers; but I'm not a huge fan of the Seahawks either (as they are in the same division as the Rams). If I were betting on the game (which I am not this year), I would be putting my money on the Hawks to cover... and possibly even win.


And finally, I played in some SNGs with some fellow bloggers and as usual had a great time. So.. GCox, 3Jacks, High and the Posion.. thanks for letting me in.. One of these days, I will get a headset and converse with you normally as opposed to me just typing.. By the way, I just toyed with them finishing 2nd in an 18 person SNG and more importantly, I won the Single Table H.O.R.S.E tourney that we all played.. that I barely got in. OK, maybe toyed is not the right word.. Got lucky might be more appropriate. Anyway, I had a great time and it is truly refreshing to play in these to get away from the grind of everyday online poker. DADI III here I come... I hope.


pokerpeaker said...

Will, can I ask a few questions of you? I know your wrists are screaming so take your time. You can e-mail me or whatever.
I'm just wondering how much you bluff and how aggressively you play your hands. I still need cards to win. My strengths are knowing when to fold and play cautiously, patience, bluffing very occassionally and and I'm a strong, winning player at .25 NL (at least $100 a month), but you can't get cards all the time, right? Do you need hands to win. or can you clear a winning session without any good hands? You must, considering you win all the time.

WillWonka said...


I will answer you; but I want to put a little thought into my answer first. I will probably devote an entire post to it as I feel it is a very important question.


TripJax said...

Man, I looked like an idiot in that HORSE tourney. Alcamahol and HORSe do not mix well. Still, had fun and glad you won the thang.

cmitch said...

Thanks for looking up all the info on Battlefield poker for me Will. I may try out the site in a few weeks. I have a lot of bonus dollars at UB and FTP that I am trying to clear right now, as well as maintian 4k FPPs on Pokerstars every month.

HighOnPoker said...

It was a pleasure playing with you Will. It was a long time since we've played an SNG together, so I didn't mind carrying your sorry a$$ to the money in HORSE only to have you whoop me heads up. In fact, I consider it an honor. Of course, you played expertly, so I can't take all the credit for being the one-man wrecking crew in that game.

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