Monday, February 20, 2006

Where did the week go?

What a week, where did it go? Definitely a week to NOT remember. It started off on Monday where things did not go well on the virtual tables as earlier posted. I had been a little under the weather about 1 week earlier that caused one day off work and a complete weekend down. Well, Tuesday night it started to come back (Mrs Wonka was also sick). I was down for the count... typcial symptoms of sever sore throat (it honestly felt like I was swallowing razor blades), fever, achiness, stuffiness... yep, all that fun stuff.. By the morning, I was feeling better and went to work; but by lunch time... I could feel it coming back.. I actually went to my car and took about a 45 minute nap and that helped... but by quitting time... I was again down for the count. Unfortunately, I was a little worse off than Mrs Wonka and she had to deal with the 2 year old... I barely even remember Thursday and Friday... by Saturday afternoon, I was pretty much back except for the terrible sore throat. Then during Baby Wonka's bathtime, we found a huge blister on the back of her ear that alarmed us; we took her to the Urgent Care (gotta love those things) and it turned out to be something called impetigo which is a pretty common skin infection for kids easily treatable; but very contagious...

Anyway, I obviously didn't get much poker in and after Monday's down day, I was in danger of breaking an 11 week winning streak. Luckily, Saturday and Sunday came through for me and I book a whopping $38 winning week. I have updated my stats through Monday Night as I did play a little tonight... Little being the opportune word. I think this might qualify as a hit and run. Here are the numbers.

12 hands... 50%VPIP.. 16.67 PFR.. 3.0 TAF.. $137.50... yes not a bad 190.97 bb/hr.

I wanted to blog a little so I called it a quick night... you don't see those too often. It started off with a 54s in the BB... I call a raise with 1 caller.. 356 (all spades.. not my suit).. UTG bets out and I just call.. 3 players.. Turn 5c.. UTG bets, I raise and both call.. River 4s... UTG Checks, I bet, prevoius guy for along the ride now raises... as I always say... never fear the monster and I 3 bet (probably a bad play in retro-spect) and they both call and my boat takes it. Any thoughts on the 3 bet? (btw, one player had the ace of spades and the other called had the 9 of spades)

I then get Aces a few hands later that hold up when somebody with 4th pairs calls me down.

2 hands later on another table, I get KK where I 3 bet preflop.. 3 players.. 8d4dAc on flop (why is it when I have KK, that an Ace always come... soooo rigged... lol).. Anyway, EP (good player) pauses and then bets... not a good sign... You just can't be sure... so I do a token/typical raise to find out where I'm at.... other guy folds and as I guessed, EP 3 bets it... now, I know that I am beat; but will peel one more bet to see the turn as it is only $3 to into a $42 pot. What do you know, a king (spades) on the turn.. he just now check calls; but then leads out after a 7c... of course I raise and he calls and I win a nice pot. Any thoughts on the flop raise and then call after 3 bet? What do you think he had? answer in white ---> He had A7 of diamonds.

So not a bad night after only 12 hands of which the last 4 I didn't play as I did my usual victory lap on both tables.


Even though I will still pretty sick at the time, I did get to play in DADI III. As usual, these things are great fun. I started off with what I believe to be one of the Aprils (fattabbymama). I don't remember the details; but it was a quick match as I fortunately got the cards. If anybody knows who that is for sure, I will link it up.

The second match was from a blogger that is on my must read list (over on the right). I don't remember his exact screenname (I think it was sportingmag); but none other than C-Mitch from O-Poker who has been running great in his 50K challenge for the year. If you have not checked it out lately, take a look as it is quite impressive. He has been doing very well on the 6 Max NL tables... Having known that, I knew I was in trouble. If you look at his blog, he will tell you that he got worked by Mr Wonka. I got some cards and played some draws and non-threatning boards a little aggressively which gave me an early lead. It was a good match; but his pkt nines ran into my Hilton Sisters and that was that. I really enjoyed playing you cmitch and continued success on your road to ..... dare I say 100K?

The next match brought me to a match where I thought I was looking in the mirror. Head over to 3Jacks site to see a screen shot. It was a blogger that I had not run across before who uses the screen name wwonka and his blog is hammerlover or Drop the Hammer. No surprise that he loves the Hammer; although that hand didn't play a part in this match. The one time that he did have it, I had put a big raise late in the match and he really couldn't afford to try something. It was definitely a back and forth match in which I somehow came out on top. wwonka, I have added you to my bloglines list and look forward to reading you in the future.

That win put me in the money. My next opponent was another person that I did not know but was creating a buzz during the tournament as being a guy with a web radio poker show. He even hopes to put the two DADI conspirators on the show sometime in the near future. How cool would that be? Anyway, I again took an early lead; but ran into problems when we both pushed... I had AQ and he had AK... Q on the flop looked good; but the K sitting next to it dashed all my hopes. That hand put him into the lead. From there, I believe that I put up a good fight almost getting back even a few times; but it just wasn't meant to be and after a fairly long match (for me anyway), PokerScout won the match and ended up winning the tourney against the infamous Wil Weaton. I did not stay up to watch up as I immediately hit the sack after I was out. So I went out in 6th (of 62) for a small $38 payday.

I would also like to congratulate Mr GCox who finished in 7th place. Anybody surprised that this great underdog who always flies under the radar and has no chance of winning always finds his way to the money? Not me....

Rumors are that a 6Max tourney is on slate for March. Count me in and I will, as usual, donate.


March Madness is almost here. It is always one of my favorite times of year... Especially now when it looks like a school from Missouri will make it to the big dance... my beloved Missouri State (formally Southwest Missouri State). They had a nice win on Bracketbuster Saturday at the U of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. That puts MSU around 28th in the RPI and the Missouri Valley may actually get 5 teams into the big dance. How cool would that be? Arch Madness (the Missouri Valley Tournament) starts not this weekend; but the next and is always in St Louis and I am really looking forward to heading down to Savvis to watch some good basketball. There might even be some good crowds this year. MSU still has 2 more regular season game including a home game against Creighton for the last game of the season. If they could pull that one off, that would be awesome!!


A little bit of humor... probably had to be there but I tell you anyway... sometimes I can get a little bit of a "fishy" look to me... Anyway, I don't remember the exact hand from the weekend; but I somehow won on with something like 96o from the BB. Anway, Mr Poker Pro really went off on me (nothing new). He finally went... nh... wow... I usually ignore them; but this time.. I just typed in that I'd rather be lucky than good.... after about a minute, he types in "ply good"... and I paused and typed in.. "is that anything like ply wood?"... He left the table within a couple of hands... Hated to see him leave... Oh by the way, the hand before he left, I had AA and he thought I was just being "fishy"and pushed back.... gotta love it.

Well, that should do it for today...



GaryC said...

Good stuff as usual Will. I appreciate the kind words.


TripJax said...

that was so wild seeing you guys play. glad i got a screen shot of it...

cmitch said...

Nice job on DADIII.

I think $100k would be getting way ahead of myself, but nice to know I can go on a bad run and still be ahead of the game.

Ameretto said...

Forgive my ignorance but what is DAD???

WillWonka said...

DADI are the Donkeys Always Draw Invitational tournmanets that HighonPoker and TripJax throw on about a monthly basis.

They are loads of fun as they are mostly with other bloggers (watch out for the hammer). One of the great things about them is that are always different formats.

Check out their sites for more information (I have then linked up over on the right).

Michael said...

Will, glad to hear you are feeling better. Nothing like winter illnesses :-(

On your 54s hand, I like the 3-bet on the river with your house. The odds someone has the 2s is very unlikely. Preflop raiser highly likely is not going to have either of the two death cards (2s and 7s) and the third player is only possibly going to have the 7s. Jam it and if one of them beats you, God bless them.

cc said...

You should have taken a laptop to the Urgent Care. Most have wi-fi now, so you could have gotten in some hands while you waited with BabyWonka... Package should arrive Thursday.

WillWonka said...


Who knew? Actually we were in and out within 45 minutes... We couldn't believe it. Thanks, in advance, for the "package"

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