Thursday, February 23, 2006

Have Deals, will Travel

Well, I've never been one to stay with one site exclusively... It's just not the way I roll. lol.. So these days, I find myself back at Absolute Poker. Mainly due to a pretty nice league being thown by the guys over at They are offering the winner of the league to go to one of the $1,500 buyins of the WSOP. Last night was the first night. You still have time to join as you only need to play in 6 of the 10 tournies as the best 6 is what qualifies you.

Things were going very well for me last night as I even spent some time as the chip leader in the early stages. Lady luck would not be on my side. About an hour and half into the tournament, I look down to see KK in the BB. It gets folded to the SB who only limps. I do the 3x raise and comes over the top of me and I of course go all in. He turns over AQs and it is over quickly as an Ace comes on the flop. So I finished a disappointing 97th. Nothing you can do.. It is just the way it is.

Congras to Kipper and Mr HighonPoker for nice finishes in them. Unfortunately, Kipper was the bubble boy finishing one out of the money; but a good finish nonetheless. It was nice to see that the guy who sucked out on me went on to win the tournament. He sucked out on three people right in a row to get a huge chip lead when I was ousted. It wasn't by bad play.. he just happened to be behind when the chips went in... he even cracked aces one time.

Well, of course, if you're playing at Absolute, they have bonuses so of course I deposited and will be chasing $200 worth of bonus. So far so good in two days of Absolute Play.

Day #1 brought $105 plus $10 in 158 hands (18.42 bb/hr).
Day #2 brought $183.75 plus $10 in 116 hands (37.50 bb/hr).

I really find Absoulte pretty nice to play at. They get an A for effort for trying to improve their software. They still have a ways to go; but they have decent enough traffic where I don't ever have too much of a problem getting into a game.... at least at the 3/6 and 5/10 level.

So if you not playing there and would like to.. Please take a look at the ThisIsTheNuts banner over on the right. They will get you set up on Absolute with at least a 28% rakeback. Again, one of the real nice things about Absolute is that the bonuses that you chase do not count against your rakeback (at least the last time I checked) so if you are not getting "paid" to play, please check them out... and tell them Will Wonka sent you. Let me know how it goes or if you have any questions. They also have their own WSOP qualifier for Absolute sign ups. I'm not real sure of the details, though.



schaps said...

will, been reading your blog for a couple of months, came over from counting my outs. I signed up on this is the nuts. I put you down as the referal source, but I think I put willy wonka. I am pretty sure you get extra, but let me know if you see my name as a referred person. let me know if you see "schaps"

cmitch said...

Uggh. I hate to be up against any hand with an Ace in it when all in with KK preflop. Sometimes it seems like they always hit the Ace and I never do.

WillWonka said...

Thanks schaps... I will check on it.. but more importantly, you will be getting paid to play.. awesome... What site did you go with?

Ain't it the truth... ain't it the truth.

Joe said...

Glad I can put a blog to the name now after last night. Thanks for stoppin by my blog, I'm in the process of linking you up.

Good luck at the tables.


Mark said...

Absolute offers plenty of nice bonuses, but I've never known anyone who keeps playing there. It's a pretty crappy site, and the games just aren't that great compared to what you may find elsewhere.

HighOnPoker said...

Um, I deposited and didn't put in for a bonus through them. Will, what bonuses are offered?

WillWonka said...


They had a 20% up to $200 as their latest one... they pretty much have a new one every week.


Yep, the bonuses are nice. The software isn't much; but I'm ok with the games as I've made almost 5K there.


I've added you to my bloglines list.

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