Sunday, February 12, 2006

Slow and Steady

There's an old saying that slow and steady wins the race and that is the adage that I am taking with Poker these days. As I had mentioned, I was about ready to move up to the 5/10 SH tables; but upon further review, I believe I am going to finish out the month continuing to play at the 3/6 SH. No real reason, other than I am in no hurry as my current win rate is fine with me.

I have updated my February stats for the month and as you can see, it was a slow and steady week. I played 1,766 hands (7.13 hrs as adjusted for multi-tabling) for a win rate of 9.48 bb/hr. I am not doing any bonus chasing, as I am almost 100% on Battlefield (prima) and receiving 40% rakeback. As I have mentioned before, rakeback is a very good thing. I don't update my rakeback stats until the end of the month (I don't know why, since I know the totals); but I have earned $122 this month in rakeback.

So, again, if anybody, is not getting "paid to play", in might be worth your while to look into it. This is the Nuts is the site that I use. Similar to their deal with Sun Poker, This is the Nuts is running a similar deal with Absolute Poker for a chance for the 2006 WSOP via a freeroll tournament. Check with them for more details. As many of you know, Absolute is one of the best sites to bonus chase on... The even better thing about Absolute is that the bonus does not count against your rakeback... so while you are chasing their near weekly re-deposit bonuses, you can also be earning 28% rakeback. Feel free to use Will Wonka as your referral code if you like. As I have said before, this is not for me... I do get a small 2.5% of the rake for the referral; but that is nothing compared to the 28% that you get... plus now a chance to go to the WSOP... and earn 100% deposit bonus ... up to $300. Good luck and let me know how it goes there or if you have any questions.


I did play in the home tournament over the weekend. We had 11 players. I picked up a few hands early and was doing OK... but as it goes, it doesn't really do a whole lot of good to pick of the early pots when the blinds are so low.... of course it doesn't hurt either. I started at a table with The Force, Iceman, Iceman Jr, and relatively new comer Mr Free. The normally very good Force took an early exit while Iceman and Iceman Jr went to war a few times. The big hand at the table was when Iceman when all-in on a J high flop with the Hilton sisters... Mr Free called him down with KJ and spike a J on the river... this would be a continuing theme... As our table was rolling along... The professor continued to roll on the other table and when it came to final table time, he had a big lead. The final three got paid and it wound down to myself, the professor and Mr Free... The Prof easily had over half the chips in play. A key hand for me came down when Mr Free pushed all in from the SB. I had Q6s. I did have him out-chipped; but I layed it down.. he later told me he had A9s.. When did a mock flop that ended up being Q high... Doh!!!.. Anyway, I ended up going out in 3rd with A3 in the SB.. The professor insta called with AT.. no improvement... I got my buy in back plus $10.. oh well... better than losing... From there, the professor probably held a 10-1 chip lead over Mr Free... in a matter of 3 hands where Mr Free flopped top pair and outkick the Prof's top pair, to a flopped straight and flopped flush ened up doing the professor in. Nice job and nice cards got Mr Free his first win... he had continually been moving up the ladder... now the pressure is on him.. we'll see how he does.


One pretty funny non-poker story... Anybody who has any small kids undoubtedly knows about Barney. Well, at the end of the show, Barney always does his "I love you, you love me" thing and gives out hugs. Baby Wonka (barely 2 years old), was lying down watching Barney and all of sudden when that part came on and she popped up and came and give Mrs Wonka and myself big hugs.. that was pretty cool... but then after that, she went and gave Barney (aka.. the TV) a big hug.. We couldn't stop laughing.. I don't know what to make of that... hmmm... perhaps she is watching a little too much TV... a kid after my own heart.

Have a good week...



geoff said...

I've been thinking about doing the absolute thing lately. I like bonuses. I'll use you as a referral if I do. I've heard that the low limit games are filled with rakebackers and bonus grinders though, which concerns me somewhat.

cmitch said...

I am so glad that my daughter is beyond the Barney stage - He/It is very annoying. :-) Now, I just need to figure out how to steer my son clear of Barney as he gets older.

As for not moving up yet - You gotta stick with your comfort zone. You are pulling in a nice win rate. It sounds like a good idea to pad the roll before moving up. I'm sure you will experience the same win rate at 5/10.


TripJax said...

HaHa...gotta have a Barney is a requirement at that age.

Like cmitch, I'm happy to be out of that stage with the boy, but the girl is well on her way to loving those things I'm sure.

That one made me laugh Wonka...good stuff.

Slimeface said...

When our baby girl was still a baby girl she loved watching barney and would kiss the tv screen when he was on. To this day, now as a young adult of legal age, she denies this ever happening. My advice is to record these events today so she will "remember" them tomorrow. LOL

masterp said...

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