Thursday, December 14, 2006

SNG Fest - Day 12

I'm going to take a look at how things started again with a little more detail.

We are already know:

35 games
51.43 ITM
24.93 ROI

1sts - 4
2nds - 5
3rds - 9
4ths - 3

Let's now contrast that to where I am now.... YIKES!!!!!

102 Games
38.24 ITM
-5.37 ROI

1sts - 10
2nds - 9

and now the brunt of the problem

3rds - 20
4ths - 15

I guess the good news is that I have more 1sts than 2nds and more 3rds than 4ths which is always a goal; but don't like a 2 to 1 ration of 3rds to 1sts. Hopefully, we're calling it variance; but there is a good chance that I just suck at poker.

Here are the results:

Day 12
  1. 7th - 87 loses to 65 on K78 board ( money in as 70% fav)
  2. 6th - AT loses to 44
  3. 3rd - A8 lost to T5 ... runner runner str8
  4. 7th - AT lost to 44... got my pair.. he got his set
  5. 6th - TT lost to 43s.. money in preflop... he got trips on turn
  6. 5th - KK lost to AA... figures
  7. 6th - K8s lost to JJ
  8. 2nd - A9 lost Q6
  9. 5th - AQs lost to AK
  10. 5th - Q2s lost to 76
  11. 3rd - A4 lost to 99
  12. 1st - KK beat Q6s
  13. 3rd - A9 lost to AJs

So, for now, I will keep on going and see where it leads me.


Something pretty interesting came up yesterday and it definitely seems to be a regional difference of how things are done. I played in one of those Elimantor pools. These are where you make one NFL pick and if the team wins you keep going to the next week. If your team loses, you are out. This turned out to be a fairly large pool with around 550 people in it at $20 a pop. Obviosuly, with a pool this big there are groups of guys that get together and I was no different. We had five guys get together with the intention of if any one of us won we would split it 5 ways. No big deal, it was obvious by the usernames that lots of people did this.

Fast forward to yesterday and it is down to 3 people. We are one of them so we offer to split most of the pot 3 ways (and then play out the rest for the remaining portion). No different than chopping a poker tournament. The admin got ahold of the other two and they agreed. Now, here is the funny part or should I say the difference of opinion. The admin then asks us how much we want the check made out for? Huh???? What do you mean.... The deal was that we were going to take 3K each and play for the rest. The admin goes, yes, but it is customary to tip the admin.. AGAIN>>> HUH??????? I have run tons of pools (including my Eliminator pool this year... albeit not near as big... around 150 people) and I NEVER, I say NEVER ask for anything. We said.. OK.. we'll give you $50 for your trouble. The admin writes back on how much time it takes to run these things. Now, let me say this. Running big pools is never easy; but this pool was all done via the web. The only thing the admin did was collect the money which I definitely know to be a pain. Anyway, the admin want 10%... WHAT!!!!!! That would be over $1,000 for running the pool. That is RIDICULOUS.

There are so many things wrong with that. The admin could obviously play numerous times (over 20.. or more) if he/she expected to get that much back at the end.

So my question out to the masses, is this customary in the region that you live?

Oh, well, live and learn

Have a good day!


HighOnPoker said...

SACRILIGE! I'd inform them that you are going to send them a separate cash for tax reasons and ask for the whole $3000. Then, don't send them jack shit. Fuck them for trying to fleece you for dough. If they want a vig, add a fee, ya fucktards.

HighOnPoker said...

I mean a separate check.

cmitch said...

"Hopefully, we're calling it variance; but there is a good chance that I just suck at poker."

You KNOW it is variance. I predict after the weekend you will be saying, "Let's not call it variance, I am a poker god - 125% ROI is def. substainable." :)

As far as the pool goes, that is ridiculous. If the guy wanted a % of the pool he should have spelled that out up front and let everyone that entered know that there was a fee involved. Crazy

TripJax said...

I gotta go with Jordan on this, but take it a step further. This dingleberry admin is way off on what to do. There should have been a clear cut % that was listed as part of the sign up that would go to the admin for the work that was done. I don't know if 1% is appropriate or what, but it should have been listed in the beginning.

Take jordan's advice, chalk it up to lesson learned, then keep an eye out if you do another league.

We have a football pool that lasts 18 weeks where the admin work is extremely heavy...every week he is inputting info and even has his assistant at work help him. The prize pool is usually around $20,000 total and he clearly states in the beginning what the "tip" will be. It is usually around 3%, but is nothing considering the work.

We also give over $1000 to charity, but we know where the money is going. Congrats on the nice win man.

Keep at it with those SNG's...the tide will turn.

Anonymous said...

To state a fee after the fact.

Tell him to fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Tell the admin, youll be a good guy and bump it up to $55..

what a douche.

Anonymous said...

I've run numerous pools myself as well. In this day and age there is no real reason that this Admin person should be getting a cut. Maybe a free roll or two, but never a cut off the top, that is total crap.

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