Tuesday, December 12, 2006

SNG Fest Update - Cold Decked

What goes up, must come down.... and in a hurry. Unfortunately, I don't have updated stats as the program I used for creating tournament summaries quit working when Full Tilt updated their software. The program was updated and now works; but I have not taken the time to go back in and manually create the tourney summaries. I will try to do that soon.

Suffice it to say, that things started of great and I knew that it was unattainable; but what I didn't expect was to blow through the whole profit and then some. So after almost 90 SNGs, I am setting about down 3 buyins (around $100). I wasn't going to list the tourneys themselves as there is pretty many of them and as you know, when you are running bad, you tend to not update things as quickly.

I do want to add that as bad as I have been running in SNGs, it has been much, much worse in ring play. Typically, I see about 25% of flops in a short handed 5/10 game and raise preflop about 15%. Now, this is neither aggressive/loose or passive tight. Now here is the stats from the other night after about 50 hands. VPIP (flop) 65%... Preflop Raise (45%)... W$SD (Won $ at showdown) 0%. My first few starting hands were 66, AQ, Q2, AK, 87, 96o, A3s, AKs, A9, Q9o, AQ, 63o, AK, A6, KK, 63o, K3s, JT, 66, 84o, J5, 76o, TT, Q9, KK, JJ. I think you get the idea. Some of them aren't great hands but were in the BB and were good enough to defend... especially when multi handed. I went on to lose about 4 or 5 buyins as the table was a good table (45 / 10).

Anyway, here are the SNG results... pay particluar attention toward the end.

Day 5

  1. 6th 77 lost to AK... all in preflop .. board J88J... counterfieted again.. Dang!
  2. 6th A9 lost to AK... oops.
  3. 4th AK lost to KQ on river.. 80% loser.... good times
  4. 1st T5 beat 75.. He had a huge lead on me and then got disconnected. Do you stall or push? I pushed. With the blinds going up so fast, I can't wait. I waited a little (2 or so hands)

Day 6

  1. 6th - A6 lost to A5 should I keep count of these 4-1 losers? Nah..
  2. 5th - 33 lost 95
  3. 6th - AT lost to QQ
  4. 6th - 99 lost to AA... bad decision on resteal attempt
  5. 6th - QQ lost to K9... OK not 4-1; but it still hurts
  6. 2nd - A6 lost to J9
  7. 6th - A8 lost to QT on board of 8TJ89... on river... all in on Turn
  8. 4th - A2 lost to K8
  9. 4th - A8 lost to 99... bubble, bubble
  10. 1st - AQ beat T6
  11. 4th - A7s lost to 66.. I can take a bath with all of these bubbles.
  12. 4th - Q9s lost to AA.. short stacked...
  13. 3rd - J9 lost to 99 on JK594 board
  14. 6th - At lost to AQ short
  15. 5th - Q9s lost to 88

Day 7

  1. 7th - 44 lost to 66
  2. 4th - AT lost to TT.. bubble
  3. 6th - AT lost to JT... 80%er
  4. 3rd - 62 lost to KT.. short
  5. 3rd - A4 lost to 33
  6. 4th - AT lost to AQ.. I can't believe I lost being a 4 to 1 dog.. that's poker

Day 8

  1. 9th - AQ loses to AK and KQ.. KQ scooped the huge pot.. figures
  2. 9th - AKs loste to KK.. what can I say, I'm not afraid to put my chips in the middle.
  3. 5th - AJ lost to KQ.. .right before... 99 lost to AQ.. I was chip leader to out in 2 hands.
  4. 6th - A9s lost to KJ
  5. 4th - A9 lost to JTs
  6. 3rd - K9 lost to A5... 2 pair counterfeited on river
  7. 4th - QQ lost to AK... all in on JJJ flop... went south from there... Turn K... River K.. overkill, don't you think? lol

Day 9

  1. 4th - ATs lost to 99. BUBBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
  2. 2nd - AJ lost to AA.. what can you do?
  3. 3rd - TT lost to J6.. typical
  4. 2nd - J3 lost to TT.. is that a jab for the FTP gods?
  5. 1st - A6 beat T8
  6. 4th - AT lost to KK start and end with BUBBLES... More Good Times.

Day 10

  1. 3rd - AA lost to AJs... runner runner straight. oh boy, here we go again... at least it wasn't a bubble
  2. 5th - AT loses to AQ
  3. 4th - K6 lsto to K8s... hand b4... KJs on K high flop lost to 33 on a 4 flush board.
  4. 6th - AJ lost to AA on J high flop
  5. 3rd - A6 lsot to A5 on 85A flop... figures
  6. 3rd - and finally to really rub my face in the mud... KQ loses to...... KQ 4 flush board.

Day 11

  1. 6th - JJ loses to AK where I flopped set... he gets runner, runner FLUSH... 4 flushed again.
  2. 5th - 33 loses to T2 where he gets runner runner str8... 4 board straight... What have I done to upset the SNG gods?
  3. 1st - AT beats QTs
  4. 1st - K7 beat QJ.. got extemely lucky on this one after Aces were cracked four handed.

So there you have and there you are... You are caught up. We'll see where it goes from here. I do plan on taking the night off tonight and getting back into it tomorrow. I obviously need to turn some of those bubbles into money.

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HighOnPoker said...

Hey Wonks, do you ever play live? Just curious. I had a great weekend live, then came home and lost $100 quickly at the .50/1 HA (PLHE and PLO) tables at FT. I'm really starting to think that online is just not right for me. I know that you have skills, so I'm wondering if you, too, might be better suited to live play. Just a thought.

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