Monday, December 04, 2006

December SNG Fest - The Beginning

A few notes before I get into my SNG numbers.

Boy, is everything good with the weekend when the Cowboys beat the Giants. Tony Romo continues to impress even with a less than spectacular game, he hung in there and led the team to a game winning FG drive. So far, so good with Martin Automatica. He missed his first one and the ulcer came back to me; but he steadied the ship from there. Plus, add in 3 Fantasy victories and also add in the Missouri Valley Basketball Conference doing well. Everything is good in the sports world. I will say, however, that I think a Ohio State / Michigan rematch was the best matchup; but I'm not too overall upset with OSU and Florida. I'm pretty sure that I know someone that might be rooting for the Gators so that is good enough for me... GO GATORS !!!!!! I don't really like the Big Ten so it was an easy choice for me.

OK.. The SNG numbers. I didn't make up a template just yet so the number may not be presented too pretty. I'll try to get that going next time. I am going to do it a little different this time. I am going to try to post my numbers at least once a week and then do a couple of interesting hand posts to get some opinions on how to play it.

I'm not going to subscribe to sharkscope. Perhaps, if I could get stats for games that are going on I would do it; but you can't do that with Full Tilt. I did download the SNG Power Tools; but haven't really looked at the tutorials just yet. Per some reviews I've read, I'm sure that it would help as the fold/push game is vital during the end game of a SNG.

OK Numbers (Note... as of right now, I am playing $33+3 Turbo SNGs on FullTilt):

SNGs Played: 35
ITM (In the Money): 51.43%
ROI: 24.93

These could have been so much better; but lost some 80%ers yesterday. I can handle the 60/40 losses; but those 4-1 beats hurt. Of course, I had some 3 outers come in as well so what am I complaining about.

Here is a quit recap of the games:

Day 1: ( SNG/ITM/ROI 13/38.46/14.23)
  1. 1st - K7 beat A5
  2. 5th - 55 lost to AQ on river
  3. 7th - A4s lost to JJ and AA... oops.. I was short
  4. 7th - Q9 lost to 87s on turn. crippled hand before with TT to someone that obviously called with an OE Straight Flush Draw.
  5. 6th - KT lost to QQ.. No cards
  6. 2nd - A5 lost to 67 on Q8A95 board. don't you lover runner, runners.
  7. 7th - T9 lost to 99.. short again
  8. 8th - 77 lost to QQ
  9. 5th - AK lost to AT on river
  10. 3rd - K8 lost to Q9
  11. 5th - TT lost to JJ on QATK7 board.. .Doh!!! Who said sets are golden
  12. 2nd - A3 lost to K7
  13. 1st - 98 beat 76. QQ on 2nd and 3rd to last hand helped her... ;-)

Day 2: (6 / 33.33 / 37.50%)

  1. 9th - AQ lost to K7s on turn. All chips in as 65/35 fav.. what can you do?
  2. 8th - Q9s lost to JTs... at least it was on flop
  3. 1st - K5s beat JTs
  4. 7th - TT lost to 86o on river
  5. 9th - QQ lost to AK on turn
  6. 1st - KTs beat A2

Day 3: (16 / 68.75 / 28.91 %)

  1. 4th - Q7 lost to 96s. Hand B4... AQ lost to T9s on river. I hope AQ isn't bad to me like the last challenge
  2. 3rd - 95s lost KTs... win some blind steals... lose some blind steals
  3. 3rd - AJs lost to KT
  4. 6th - J5 lost to AA... oops
  5. 4th - A9 lost Q5
  6. 3rd - TT lost to K7 on KATJQ.. 4 flush board... agains.. Sets aren't golden
  7. 2nd - T5s lost to K9.. pushed on Flush Draw board... he called with K high and it held up.
  8. 3rd - 64s lost to J6s.. pushed OESD he called with flush draw that held.. not to mention he was ahead anyway... DOH!!!
  9. 3rd - AK lost to KQ.. These are the ones that hurt
  10. 3rd - AK lost to A6... ibid
  11. 5th - AT lost to AK
  12. 2nd - TT lost to A6.. I've been noticing that pairs haven't been winning the races (not that this was a race... but just general comment)
  13. 3rd - J7 lost to A8
  14. 3rd - KQ lost to 77 on Q high flop; but he hit his set on flop.. OK sometimes the pairs hold up... maybe sets are golden... for other people
  15. 2nd - 99 lost to 44.. 4 flush board
  16. 4th - A9 lost to AJ.... right before... AK lost to J8... 4 straight board

There you have it and there you are..

Have a good day!!!


littleacornman said...

I've been playing $11 turbo sng's at FT and whilst Sharkscope won't bring up everyones stats in one click,I find it's worth taking the time to get my info on each player individually.I need every edge I can get!

I'd be interested to read your opinion on how the levels vary between $11 and $33 too.

Good luck,

Michael said...

Nice win yesterday at the Meadowlands. I just keep seeing that last FG, straight, right down the middle and Tuna smiling (as if he knows something). Clutch win.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back, Will. Thanks.

cmitch said...

Go Gators!!!

Um, the "ITM (In the Money): 51.43%" is pretty freakin impressive. Keep it up.

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