Sunday, December 31, 2006

SNG Fest - Final Numbers

Well, another month of SNGs is in the books. As with the last time I did, I really enjoyed it. So much so that I will probably continue it into January. I was able to reach Iron Man Level on FTP. They are expanding the Iron Man Challenge with additional features in 2007 so I will probably continue to try to attain Iron Level. I haven't really thoroughly read the details but will do that in the upcoming days. It is obviously takes more time to do this on a daily basis playing SNGs as opposed to ring games; but I will give it a go.. I did end up around 215th on the SNG High Leaderboard; but that doesn't get you anything... you need to finish in top 100.

Anyway, I played 35 SNGs since last update. Here's how it went:

SNGs: 35
ITM: 40%
ROI: 10.79%

1sts - 5
2nds - 4
3rds - 5
4ths - 6

So again, 3rds and 4ths outweighed 1sts and 2nds so things could be much better. I will definitely try some training materials. As stated, I will have a review of a video training site and will also look at some others. I have downloaded SNG Wiz for their free 30 day trial. I'll have more on this as well as a deeper look at the month of SNGs a little later in the week.

Overall Standings:

SNGs: 253
ITM: 39.13
ROI: .76% (so pretty much break even for the month... disappointing)

1sts - 29
2nds - 24
3rds - 46
4ths - 37

Day 24

  1. 7th - Q6 lost to 99
  2. 5th - 65s lost to 79s

Day 25

  1. 1st - AQs beat Q7
  2. 5th - T6 lost to J6s.. short
  3. 4th - A6 lost to QQ
  4. 3rd - A9s lost to 88 on river
  5. 4th - A4 lost to A7
  6. 6th - 77 lost to A7
  7. 6th - K3s lost to QJ
  8. 6th - A6 lost to K7
  9. 2nd - J3 lost to J6 allin on 452J board
  10. 5th - QQ lsot to KQs on river

Day 26

  1. 5th - AJ lost to A6
  2. 5th - A4 lost to AA and QQ... oops
  3. 5th - AJ lost to JJ
  4. 4th - 87 lost to K8... short
  5. 1st - JJ beat 74
  6. 1st - 72 beat AA... BOOOYAH... click here for the hand. this wasn't final hand; but it was the one that really crippled him.

Day 27

  1. 9th - AA lost to QQ.. nice start ... NOT!!!!
  2. 7th - AQs lost to AA.. Q high flop... this was really a brain fart on my part.
  3. 2nd - 86 lost to AQ... AQ again... what were the odds.
  4. 3rd - K6 lost to KQ
  5. 1st - A3 beat A3s... this was bad but I have been on the other side too many times... I obviously got a 4 flush

Day 28

  1. 6th - JTs lost to AJ... pushed OESD
  2. 2nd - J8 lost to K9
  3. 3rd - A8 lost to A9
  4. 4th - J7 lost to 77
  5. 2nd - A3 lost to QT
  6. 7th - J5 lost to AT... short
  7. 3rd - 88 lost to 99... went from huge chip lead with 4 left to 3rd place... last few hands... A9 split with A9... AK lost to A8.... 88 lost to 99
  8. 4th - AK lost to 77
  9. 3rd - AA lost to 87

Day 29

  1. 6th - KQ lost to AJ and AJ... all in preflop... I had to like my chances... didn't hit
  2. 1st - K3 beat J8
  3. 4th - J2 lost to 87... this bubble went on forever and I would say at least 10 all in underdogs won... unfortunately, I came in on the short in of the stick... Kind of fitting way to end.

So there you have it and there you are... I hope your 2006 was great and that your 2007 will be even better!!!

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