Tuesday, December 26, 2006

SNG Fest - Day 23

I hope everybody's Christmas went well!!!

SNG Good.... Ring Bad...

I had another ring game session where my won $ at SD was under 40%. It is simply amazing the amount of people that will call down to the river on gut shot straight draws (Including cracking my KK that turned a set and then lost to a rivered runner, runner gut shot. It is what it is; but unfortunately, it wiped out whatever gains I did get back on the SNG side. Of course, this was all predicated on my trying to get my allotted amount of points to qualify for Iron Man.

On that day, I knew I wasn't going to get enough points playing SNGs (because I started too late in the day... so I fired up one 5/10 table. Funny thing, with about 5 minutes left to go until midnight Eastern, I really had to go to the bathroom. I didn't think I was close to the needed 200 pts, so I sat out and did my business. I went back and checked and I actually ended up with 197 pts... Doh.... I would have obviously received 3 pts in 5 minutes.. Bad Beat.... self inflicted...

Anyway, back to the SNGs..

I have played 38 since last update...

ITM - 44.72%
ROI - 25.92%

1sts - 7
2nds - 3
3rds - 7
4ths - 5

Much better as the ratio between 1st and 2nds to 3rds and 4ths is much better. Also, 1sts are better than 2nds and 3rds are better than fourths. Much nicer, but as always, could have been better. I've actually started keeping track of my allins and what the odds were when the money went in and then the results.. .more on that in a later post; but I plan to incorporate more of those stats on the occasional updates.

Here are the overall stats..

218 SNGs
ITM - 38.99%
ROI - -0.85%

1sts - 24
2nds - 20
3rds - 41
4ths - 31

Better, but not yet to the positive with only a few days to go.

Day 20
  1. 5th - A5 lost KJ
  2. 5th - AT lost to JT
  3. 1st - A2s beat KJ
  4. 2nd - 98 lost to 98s on 75838 board
  5. 5th - 99 lost to AJ
  6. 3rd - KJs lost to 99.. .isn't it funny how I lose with one hand and then the next game I lose to the same hand... yeah, funny alright... funny, peculiar
  7. 6th - KT lost to 98
  8. 1st - A7 beat J2s
  9. 3rd - AK lost to A8

Day 21

  1. 9th - AK lsot to 33 on A high flop. He hit his set and went all in. I didn't think he would do that right on the flop betting in EP... on second thought, it makes sense...
  2. 6th - T9 lost to K2s
  3. 3rd - AK lost to 44
  4. 2nd - Q7 lost to KT
  5. 8th - 77 lost to AJ
  6. 5th - Q3s lost to KJ
  7. 7th - AK lost to AQ... foreshadowing... I still really hate AQ... btw.. we were all in preflop
  8. 1st to AK beat KQ
  9. 5th - A6 lost to 55
  10. 4th - A5s lost to A9s
  11. 4th - K6 lost to J7
  12. 3rd - A3 lost to K6... right b4... JJ lost to AQ
  13. 1st - QJ beat Q4
  14. 1st - K5 beat Q9 ... nice finish to set

Day 22

  1. 6th - A8 lost to 88 on river... Ace on flop and 8 on river gives me 2 pair... oops gave him a set
  2. 5th - Q8 lost to A7
  3. 5th - 33 lost to 87 on river
  4. 4th - A7 lost to KQ
  5. 3rd - KQ lost to AJ (again... lose with and lose against...)

Day 23

  1. 4th - 53 lost to Q2s on river
  2. 3rd - AT lost to TT
  3. 3rd - 33 lost to 64s... right b4... AJ lost to T9
  4. 1st - AQ beat KJ... wahoo... AQ actually came through
  5. 4th - K8 lost to Q9
  6. 7th - AQ lost to KJ on JAQ board... T on turn... yep I love AQ
  7. 1st - JJ beat A7
  8. 6th - A3 lost to A7
  9. 2nd - Q7 lost to 66
  10. 5th - AQ lsot to KJ on turn... Q high flop... nice... again he hit his str8... love the AQ

So like I said... could have been better... I will finish out the month and see where I land. I will also review a video training site so come back a little later in the week.

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