Monday, December 18, 2006

SNG Fest - Day 15

Unfortunately, more of the same. My bubble play is gone real, real bad. As I mentioned, I did win some money on a NFL eliminator pool, so I think I am going to take some of that money and purchase some kind of SNG tool. If anybody has used anything like SNG Power Tools, or SNG Wizard, or or sngicons, please let me know as I need to decide.

So I have played 44 SNGs since the last update. Here are the numbers from those:

44 games
38.64 ITM
-10% ROI

1sts - 3
2nds - 5
3rds - 9
4ths - 8

Meaning 56% in the top 4. My 3rds and 4ths continue to double my 1sts and seconds... OK overall:

146 SNGs
38.36 ITM
-6.76 ROI

1sts - 13
2nds - 14
3rds - 29
4ths - 23


Day 13
  1. 2nd - T4 lost to KQ short
  2. 3rd - K8 lost to JT
  3. 1st -Q3 beat 84
  4. 6th - J6s lost to QJ
  5. 6th - JJ lost to QQ
  6. 8th - QJ lost to KJ
  7. 7th - KJ lost to 88

Day 14

  1. 6th - 87 lost to QT... right b4 99 lost to AT
  2. 4th - 86 lost to K2... short
  3. 4th - ATs lost to QQ
  4. 3rd - A5s lost to A9
  5. 2nd - 76s lost to Q6
  6. 3rd - Qgs lost to A8... right b4... AK lost to Q4
  7. 5th - J9 lost to JT
  8. 3rd - AQs lost to JJ
  9. 3rd - K3 lost to A7
  10. 6th - AK lost to TT
  11. 6th - J9 lost to AA and AK... oops
  12. 1st - 86 beat QJ
  13. 4th - A7 lost to AQ
  14. 2nd - T9 lost to KT
  15. 2nd - KT lost to 28
  16. 6th - A8 lost to 33... Ace high flop lost to DQB
  17. 4th - A3 lost to 63... on river str8
  18. 3rd - 65 lost to 75 on 6 high flop.. turned str8
  19. A6 lost to JQ on turn
  20. 6th - A6 lost to 75s.. he flopped str8
  21. 5th - J7 lost to KJ.. battle of blinds
  22. 2nd - Q6s lost to QJs
  23. 3rd - 85 lost to JJ
  24. 7th - J8s lost to KT
  25. 5th - 22 lost to AJ
  26. 7th - A7 lost to QJ on river

Day 15

  1. 8th - TT lost to JJ on all in on 367 flop
  2. 4th - AK lost to A5
  3. 4th - KK lsot to A8... he hit trips on turn... all on flop
  4. 5th - K3 lost to KJ on K high flop
  5. 6th - JTs lost to Q2.. J high flop... lost to runner, runner 4 flush
  6. 3rd - KK lost to AJ
  7. 3rd - A8 lost to AK on A high flop
  8. 1st - Q3s beat 44
  9. 5th - AJ lost to AQ
  10. 4th - K5 lost to 88

So there you have it and there you are. Hopefully things will change.


pokerpeaker said...

Two observations just based on what I'm seeing and your results.

1) You've had a lot of bad luck. When I looked at my own results lately, I was crushing SnGs, and the reason was because the suckouts weren't killing me, i.e. they were short stacks, or they didn't happen at all.
That's it. I wasn't getting sucked out on.
In the 45-person ones, however, I haven't cashed in eight times.
Each time I was knocked out, I was an 80 percent favorite to win.

You're also ITM almost 40 percent of the time, which is pretty good.

2) You're probably playing them much like me, meaning you are playing tight. The reason I say that is you are placing 4th and 3rd a whole lot. So you probably outlasted the donkeys but didn't make any real moves to accumulate chips and so you didn't have much to work with when it came money time.

Not a bad way to play certainly - I've won a lot of money on SnGs that way - but you might consider stealing a bit more to get you a few more chips when it matters at the end.

I'm re-tooling my game a bit by playing $5.50 SnGs again on Full Tilt just so I can ramp up my aggression a little bit. You might consider the same.

WillWonka said...

Thanks for the comments PP. While it is true that I am rarely the chip leader when it gets down to 4 as there are some people that just hit it big; but typically I am second or so (not to say that some games I am short when it gets down to bubble time).

It's just getting down to it where I believe I am making the right moves; but just coming out on the wrong side of it.

One thing for sure that I will be looking to is my play when I do reach the magic M of 10 or less even though there are 5 or more players. That is, like you say, maybe a time that I need to pick up some aggression.

dbirider said...

The SNG videos on donkit are really good, especially newt's latest video. Honestly, watching some of these made me realize how much better the really good players are then me.

If you want to see a short demo of a particular video just let me know. Also, i'll be happy to send you a free one for an (honest) review on your blog.

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