Thursday, December 21, 2006

SNG Fest Day 19 Another Broken Record

Swimingly... That is the word that I would describe how things are going... NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've run bad before; but man oh man....

I few tidbits before I get into SNG results...

I did play in the mookie and while things went pretty good as I finished in 3rd out of 37 or 38. I went out when KK lost to 52. I was 3rd in chips and I believe I slow played it a bit and let the aggressive big stacks dictate the pace. Prophesy hit a two on the flop and pushed and I insta called only to see a 5 hit on the turn and IGHN. Not a very good birthday present from Tommy2Tone.

I would be interested to see a YTD results of this thing... You know if there was 35 players and you finished first, you get 35 pts kind of thing. I didn't get to play in many; but I would be interseted to see how things fared for the years. If somebody has the summarys, I can do the figuring. I have my ideas of who would be on top.

While playing the mookie and my SNGs, I also had a 5/10 table going (42 VPIP 10 PFR). It was a nice juicy table which of course these days means that it is a great opportunity to leak some cash. I was seeing about the same amount of flops and raising about what I normally do. Typically, you want to win $ at showdown at least around 50% of the time. My glorius number was 34%. Simply amazing... I played a little ring today... First hand QQ... lost to KT... Next hand... AA lost to 65... Next hand AK (yes, my first 3 hands)... chopped on river against A5... Maybe sometime I will look back and laugh...

OK, the SNG numbers.... And yes, they continue to bad...

I've played 29 SNGs since the last update

ITM - 31.03%... just brutal
ROI - -17.50%

1sts - 3
2nds - 2
3rds - 4
4ths - 3


180 SNGs
ITM - 37.78... 40% should be the lowest that I can live with
ROI - -6.50%... obviously want this over 10%

1sts - 17
2nds - 17
3rds - 34
4ths - 26 so 53% in top 4... not terrible... 55% is probalby about right.

The 2 to 1 ratio of 3rds and 4ths to 1sts and 2nds continues to be the reason for the results.

Day 16

  1. 5th - J4 lost to J8 on a 4J8 board... flopped 2 pair no good
  2. 3rd - QT lost to KQ
  3. 7th - AA lost to J9
  4. 2nd - KJ lost to AQ
  5. 1st - 95 beat 88

Day 17

  1. 8th - QTs lost to ATs
  2. 4th - JTs lost to T5s
  3. 4th - Q8 lost to KJ
  4. 6th - A4s lost to TT
  5. 5th - T9s lost to 87... my flopped 2 pair no good against his flopped str8
  6. 3rd - A7 lost to A8 hand b4... AQ lost A5
  7. 1st - AJs beat 87
  8. 5th - A9s lost to 77

Day 18

  1. 8th - KK lost to JJ... DQB
  2. 7th - 77 lost to 88 and QJ
  3. 3rd - KJ lost to A7
  4. 6th - QT lost to 88
  5. 1st - ATs beat K5s
  6. 6th - A7 lost to AT
  7. 5th - J9s lost to KQ
  8. 5th - 99 lost to A8
  9. 9th - AK lost to A5s... flopped flush.. brain fart on me.. bad push
  10. 6th - A9s lost to 76s... str8 flush
  11. 4th - A5 lost to AK

Day 19

  1. 6th - KQ lost to AA
  2. 1st - KK beat 62
  3. 5th - KT lost to 92 all in preflop
  4. 3rd - Q7 lost to Q9.. bad stop and go move
  5. 3rd - K8 lost to 75
  6. 8th - AA lost KK... .ON river of course lost all but 300 chips.. next hand my KJ lost to AA.. now ain't that a kick in the butt
  7. 8th - KQ lost to 54
  8. 2nd - QJs lost to 65 on T68 flop 2 of my suit.. he called my all in with bottom pair.. good call, I guess.. I only had a ba-jillion outs
  9. 6th - 98 lost to 82
  10. 2nd - A3 lost to T6


TripJax said...

I like the idea, but also don't want it to turn into a "whose better than who" situation. Part of the allure of the Mookie is that it is just a good fun "home game" type of tournament.

Something about winning a Mookie makes me more proud than winning a random tourney at another site.

Still, a part of me thinks it would be a cool thing...

WillWonka said...

I agree TJ; but even in our home game we take "braggin" rights type stats.. It is still a friendly game; but it doesn't mean that we don't like to brag..

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