Thursday, October 04, 2007

Bubble SNG Boy

I'm continuing on my SNG Quest this month and so far so bad. Results have been really bad and frustrating. Take tonight for example. I just played one set of 6. 1 1st, 1 3rd and 2 4ths. Obviously bubbling way too much. To further drive the point see the below chart.

Yep, that big bar in the middle is the bubble bar. 25% of my 44 SNGs so far this month have resulted in 4th place finishes..

That's one thing. The other is how I got my money in tonight.

Tonight I got all my chips in as a favorite 6 times (won 5 of them) and went 50/50 on 2 coin tosses. All that is OK; but compared to the fact that I got my money in with the worst of 7 times is alarming (of which I won 2 of them). Of course, these are exact calculations as I just immediately categorize them as I play. Typically, I like to get my money in with best of at a lot higher percentage. DUH!!!!!

My ITM started out at 14% of the first 14 and after 22 I had an alarming -55.4% ROI. YIKES!!! Things turned around and I almost got back to even with making the money 7 of the next 8 tourneys; but then only to follow that with 10 straight out of the money. So after 44, the terrible stats show that I am only in the money 25% and my sickening ROI is -29.3%.

I'm not one to give that easily so I will continue on.


Back to poker Training. With all the SNG stuff that they have along with Tournamnets, PokerXFactor was the easy choice. I've signed up for a monty and will most undobutedly resign for another 3 soon. So far, I have really enjoyed it. I will wait a week or two to give my full review. Yes, that's right... more on this later.

I've also just downloaded a program called Poker Hound and will give that a gander. It sure can't hurt.

The only thing I plan to buy is SNG Wizard to help with the SNG End Game which I am obviously having trouble with. We will see.


I would be remiss not to mention that this weekend is the Annual Red River Shootout matchup against the UT Longhorns and Sooners of OU. I'm assuming that both myself and some OU Fans aren't too happy with the state of things in football land; but that doesn't matter because you throw everything out the window with this game. Gary's Sooners are an 11 point favororite and he assures me that number is a little low so we have a little side bet going on the game. The point spread winner will have his next Mookie tourney paid. So G, when you make that player transfer the screen name is W-I-L-L-W-O-N-K-A

Hook 'em Horns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I would also be remiss in no saying...

TONY ROMO is the MAN!!!! The Cowboys run good. Hopefully they don't look past the Bills on the way to the big showdown with the Patriots in a couple of weeks.

Have a good Day!!!!!!


jamyhawk said...

Amazing that so many 4th place finishes. You must have a major leak that you are realizing.

I have found lately that I am going out of tournaments near the bubble. Like this week's Mookie, I went out 10th. Not on the bubble, but close. I was chip leader briefly with 13 players left, then went out 10th. I definitely need help with that point in a tournament. I think I get too aggressive with a lot of chips and getting near the bubble.

Looking forward to your reviews of training. I need some, too.

Lifesagrind said...

The only reason PokerHound isn't considered Bot software is because a human still has to push the buttons. This is one of a handful of programs that I think should be banned. If a player has to be handheld that much they may as well not even play the game.

That is all just my opinion though.

The Poker Grind said...

im actually sitting with u at a table as i write this , im downloading tourney mgr for the first time and was wondering if ur avail for some help

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