Sunday, October 28, 2007

October Winding Down

Where is this year going to... So much has happened since my last post that I could never do justice to it in one post, so I will spread things out over the week.

The theme for the month was Sit'N'Gos. So that is where I will start. At last report I had played 82 of them with a -13% ROI. I am now up to 147. I took about a week off from them to play a few different things. Anyway, I just took a little break to try to clear my head from all the bubbles and normal nonsense.

As usual, things went good and they went bad. I guess the overall good news is that at least I made it back to positive numbers; albeit, barely.

Before I go into the numbers, I will tell you a quick story of one of my SNGs last week. The whole SNG lasted 6 hands which in itself is not unusual... sometimes it just happens; but this one was a little funny. Funny, you say?? Funny haha, or funny peculiar. I will let you decide.

5th hand, I get QQ UTG+1. I do a normal 3x raise and then get raised about 2.5x that by a late position guy. Being that it was early, I could just call; but where is the fun in that. I pushed, he called with AK and won the race. No big deal there. Happens all the time. Obviously, I'm crippled. Anyway, next hand I get AK and of course put in the rest of my chips. The same AK guy from above raises and again we are heads up. He turns over QQ and again wins the race. Now, is that funny haha or funny peculiar. I say.... typical.

So, let's cut to the chase. Here is how things look since my last update.

So the bubbles have definitely decreased. More 2nds than 1sts which is never good; but I'm heading in the right direction.

Again, I have played 147 SNGs with the following results:

ITM% = 37.4%
ROI% = 1.3%

Here is the graph of finishes.

Here is a different kind of look... by Tourney Range. Here are the numbers for tourneys in group of 25 compliments of TourneyManager.

1-25 20%ITM and -34.5% ROI
26-50 36% ITM and -5.1% ROI
51-75 40% ITM and -1.8% ROI
76-100 56% ITM and 30.9% ROI
101-125 40% ITM and 37.5% ROI
126-147 31.8% ITM and -21.9% ROI

Hopefully things can turn back around.

I will just keep it up for the rest of the month; but probably won't hit the 200 that I had planned on playing.


I did play in a Tier II Token frenzy of the weekend and now have a token for the next Big Game.

I also played in a freeroll today for (One of my rakeback sites). $2,500 was what the winner got. I was top 10 fairly late into this thing; but a couple of position raises with A5 and KTs were re-raised by one of the blinds and I folded both. Finally went out in 31st when my flopped 2 pair was ousted by a 4flush... really a 5flush; but he had the ace. That was definately a coulda, woulda, shoulda.


New England Patriots. What can you say about these guys other than it doesn't matter who they play or where. It would hard to bet against these guys as they have covered the spread every week. I am very curious where the line will come out on Tuesday for the NE / Indy game in Indy. Talk about no respect, I would bet that NE will be a pretty good sized favorite against the reigning Super Bowl champions. Would you bet against them?


That will do it for now; but hopefully, more regular posting is on the way.

Have a nice day!!!!

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Hey I can't seem to get my gift2go card to work on full tilt. what am i doing wrong? I checked the balance to make sure i was good. Full tilt keeps denying it. Let me know.

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