Monday, October 29, 2007

Changes and Home Game with new Table

I finally hope to start making some changes to this here blog. It is a little bland and hope to maybe change the template and/or add some ads in here or something. Change is not something I'm not really used to; but in this case it is much needed.

I missed the MATH as we running a little late with the kids tonight; plus I thought Mrs Wonka wanted to watch some TV. She ended up falling asleep when putting Toddler Wonka to sleep. I had a brief window to make it up here to make the tourney; but I didn't feel in the right frame of mind; plus I had some fantasy implications on the football game so I decided to watch so more of it. In our league, we actually do payouts after Week 8 (1st half) so this was a big week. We have 2 different payouts. 1 payout for our normal schedule which we play 2 games a week (so that we will have played everybody 3 times by the end of the year) and 1 payout that Sportsline calls Breakdown which is as if you played everybody every week. Not knowing for sure, I think I'm going to end up 4th in standings and 3rd in breakdown (out of 12 teams) which are both good for payouts. Something is better than nothing.

So after a while, I got frustrated watching Cutler trying to do something, I came up here to play a set of SNGs.

I went 3 for 6 with 2 1sts and 1 3rd and 1 4th and 2 others.

I was both lucky and unlucky as I was a big chip leader in one SNG with 4 left and got my AA cracked by Quad 7s. By the way, I also hit my set which more or less made it impossible to fold just given the odds. I actually thought he hit a flush on river. Same difference I guess. I went out a little later when my QQ lost to A3 to finish on the bubble. I also got lucky in 2 other where my lower pair hit their set to crack a higher pair. That's poker, they say.

So, altogether, I have now played 165 SNGs with 37% ITM and a 3.6% ROI. I am still enjoying SNGs and look forward to improving my game. More on that later in the week.


I decided to throw a home together last Friday in celebration of my new poker table that I just got. This was a combo late wedding present (7 years late) and early Christmas present from both my mom and my wife's parents. Take a look:

In the actual game, we had 12 people and played 2 tables until we got down to 9. Some of the monthly crew were there (Pantyman, Bud, Ace, Iceman and Fluff w/ Mrs Fluff), there were a couple neighbors and a couple of co-workers (both current and old). I was hurt really bad when my AT lost to A8 which more or less brought me down to a little over the BB. Luckily, I picked up AA 2 hands later and tripled up. I ended up 2nd with one of my neighbors taking it down when his Jackson Five (J5o) out did my A6s. A little controversy brewed with the old One Person to a Hand rule; but that is the way it goes sometimes in home games. My co-worker, who I will call Zeus tried to steal some blinds and while the BB was deciding what to do, somebody said that you just can't call that and then he went all in. Zeus had 94s and had to fold. Next hand, he puts in a raise with A6o and gets called by Iceman's K7s. The flop brought 2 of his suit and Zeus went all in and was called by Iceman. Doing the math, Iceman was actually ahead and he dead spike a K to put Zeus out on the bubble. You could see steam coming out of his ears and he was gone in about 2 seconds after he busted. He's over it now; but it was fun giving him the business today.


Really enjoying the 2nd season of Dexter which is on Showtime. It may not be quite as good as the 1st season; but it is starting to get pretty good. Plenty of little twists in this show. I am trying to decide if watching Brotherhood is worth watching even if I didn't catch the 1st season. I ended my Blockbuster Acct before I could watch them.

Speaking of movies, my wife and I recently celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary so we went out for Steak and a Movie. It sure is a lot different eating dinner with 2 young kids. Yep, a pleasant experience. Who'd of thunk we would have lasted 7 years. I think the over/under was 3... days. Anyway, not going to get all mushy here. Not my MO. We went and saw a movie called Gone Baby Gone and I really enjoyed it. I gave it a rating of 9 out of 10. Maybe 8.5.

Well, it is getting late. I see the MATH is down to headsup. Two people that I have not heard of so best of luck to one of you.

Have a Nice Day!!!!


TripJax said...

Sweet table WW. Enjoy that!

jamyhawk said...

That is one Sweet table! The best one I have ever seen in someones' home.

You playing in the tourney on Saturday? Just wondering. Let me know if you are.

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