Monday, October 08, 2007

New Sheriff in Town

There's a new sheriff in town or should I say in Dallas; but....

First things first.

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Next, the new sheriff is Nick Folk. How clutch is that guy. Makes a 53 yarder only to have to do it again. Normally, Tony Romo is the man; but obviously, he had some issues last night. He just didn't seem to be zipping it as much as he usually does. Too many lobs. But let it be known right here and right now. Tony Romo is THE Man for the Cowboy's future. We'll give him a pass yesterday; especially since we won.

OK Next, Let me say that first, I am NOT a TO fan. I was against him coming to the Cowboys and wouldn't miss him if he left; but he seems to be getting some unfair treatment with the referees. Tonight there were 3 pretty bad calls and no calls against him that should or should not have gone his way.

First play, makes a catch and they call spiking the ball. Not only was it not spiking; but the ball ended up just a few feet from the referee. Not much of a delay of game in my book

Second, he caught a ball and they called it out of bounds even though it was clear he was shoved out of bounds and would have gotten both feet down.

Third and critically, on the 2 pt try. The cornerback never looked back for the ball, he only stuck his hands up and face guarded him which is a clear interference. NO call!!!!

Not only did he not get the calls; but the MNF announcers didn't even say anything. Again, I am NOT a TO apologist. I think he is a showboat and a time bomb just waiting to go off. He drops too many passess and so on so on; but tonight, he deserved to be defended. There were many scenes where he was upbeat and trying to get people to play. No telling what he would have been like if they had lost that game. Oh by the way, did I mention the Cowboys won their MNF game.

Enough Said.

No Poker SNGs tonight as it was pretty late after the game and news conferences that I watched. I played a couple hundred limit hands for more or less break even.

Have a nice day!!!


Anonymous said...

To bad TO doesn't get fantasy points for dropped passes. I'm just glad he's not on my team.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a poker blog?

Shuffle up and deal!

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