Sunday, October 07, 2007

Started Good and Ended Bad

OK... Continuing on the SNG Quest for the month. I played 25 of them this weekend. More on this later..

But first I want to rant about one of the dumbest NFL rules that relate to TV Blackouts. Now, I live in St Louis and I am obviously a Rams Fan (2nd only to the Dallas Cowboys). For the first time in many years, the Rams did not sell out in time and the game was blacked out here locally and they showed the Steeler/Seahawk game instead.

I'm trying to get my head around this black out thing and why they do it. Obviously, I understand that they only have 8 home games and they want/need the people to be at the game; but on the other hand, many people can not afford to pay the money for the tickets, parking, concessions, etc... I don't know of any other sport that does it. I know baseball and hockey do not do it. We should be able to see these games.

Secondly, I subscribe to the NFL Sunday Ticket. In other words, I pay to see all the games and of course they follow the same black out rules. Even worse, I can't always watch a game on the Sunday Ticket Channels if the game is being telecast locally. Again, all for the all might local dollar. I'm just getting sick of it!!!!!!

I'm going to put some thought into this and see how to possibly get a petition going to voice my (and I'm sure many others) displeasure to this idiotic rule. When a team is 0-4 (and now 0-5 and soon to be 0-7), what incentive is there to go and lay down a C note to watch a football game. Does that mean that I don't want to see the game. No, not at all, I'm a loyal fan and will sit through many losing seasons. I know a petition would be of absolutely no good use; but it may make me feel better.

OK, on to poker. We left off after having a terrible start to the month. I played each day this weekend. I set of 6 on Friday and Saturday and 13 on Sunday.

Friday was good was as I was In the Money (ITM) 50% for a 50% ROI (I did have 2 4ths which again really hurts) and Saturday was awesome as I was in the money every time. Yep, 6 for 6 which again got me to within $13 of being break even for the month. So, Saturday was 100% ITM and 145.45% ROI. And then there was Sunday. I should of just stayed and watch the Bears/Packers game as I went 2 for 13 with a dismal -56% ROI.

Saturday was just crazy as I went 9-1 when there was an ALL-IN when I had the best of it, an incredible 5-1 on coin tosses and and even more incredible 5-6 when I was behind. Just one of those days when things worked out although the bad news was that I could only finish one of them out for a win. I also had 3 2nds and 2 3rds.

Here is how the weekend looked.

So for the weekend I was In the Money 44% and my ROI was 17.82. As I mentioned it could of/ should have been much better.

So here is the month to date look.

Which leaves me at 31.9% ITM and -12.3% ROI

We'll see how the rest of the month goes..


The Longhorns did get it done this weekend. They had opportunities; but when ever there was a bounce or any kind of break that comes up during the game, it just didn't go their way. I can't even blame it on the officials other than I'm pretty sure that when the whistle blows and some body plows into your QB from behind, that it is a penalty. Not sure how they missed that one. They sure didn't miss the late hit from a Longhorn player later in the game. Oh well, at least they didn't get embarrassed and they did cover the spread, right GCox. I got your transfer. Thanks.

Have a nice day!!

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cmitch said...

The NFL has to have the stupidest TV rules of any sport. I live in Orlando (2 hrs to Jax; 3.5 hrs to Miami; 1.75 hrs to Tampa) and the NFL has decided that we are in Tampa's and Jax's TV market. Ever since Jax got the NFL team, we have been able to see very few Miami games.

I remember Miami playing a key game a few years ago and we got to see a losing Jax team instead of a crucial game that was being broadcast as the main game to the rest of the country. Jax's team hasn't been around that long and there are probably 10x more Miami fans in Orlando than Jax Fans.

The best is when they don't show a 1:00 PM Miami game because they are going to show a 4:00 PM Jax game.

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