Wednesday, May 21, 2008

MATH, Idol and When it Rome and Bad Beat Jackpot Bad Beat

Did I ever mention that I love the 6max format in Hoy's MATH. Not only does it make the tourney more action packed; but it also makes it quicker which is good for someone that already doesn't get enough sleep already. I must like it because I don't think that I had ever cashed in the HOY before the 6 max; but I have had 2 or 3 cashes since then.

I will say that I did try a 2 table SNG to get a token and that didn't go very well when AQ < class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_4">preflop. Dang!! So I bought in and played very well making the final table. OK, I kid. I got lucky when my 99 was better than KK (I think from Vinnay); but if anybody still thinks that you don't necessarily need to get lucky in a tournament then we will have to agree to disagree. I finished 4th for about $160 which offset my dismal night at the cash tables. At one point was down over 4 buyins. It was one of those nights where there wasn't any real big hands or bad beats. I just wasn't hitting flops, semi bluffs weren't working, you know the drill. So, as the BBT is wrapping up, it will be interesting to see the turnout again in these bloggerments.


American Idol. I really, really do not know what is going through the judges mind. Little David won the night?? HUH? Big David easily should be the AI; but I should have made that bet at 2-1 on little David as it looks like he just might pull it off. One things sums it up for me. I can honestly say that I do not remember any one of his performances specifically. Rather, I remember them as all one big performance together as he made every song that he song sound exactly the same. Cook, on the other hand, continued to mix things up and could sing many different styles. We shall see.


So, I decided to play on Absolute Poker last night as I had already gotten my needed points on FTP. I still find it pretty amazing on how play is different when you go from site to site. To me, FTP is a much tougher place to play; but at the same time, they have the most tables (not counting Stars) and you can usually find a good game. Of course, I often don't find those good tables as well as I should. I still need to work on leaving a table once it is determined that it is not a good table.

Anyway, it started off on a quasi sour note last night. AP has bad beat jackpot tables. I generally stay away from them to avoid that added rake. Unfortunately, they just don't offer too many non BBJ tables. I sit down at one of the tables and I am waiting for my BB when somebody hits the BBJ. Now, it wasn't at my table; but for whatever reason, AP also added that they were giving around $150 to all players that were sitting at a 25c/50c table. Dang!!! missed it by 2 hands. Isn't that a fine how do you do.

The play at AP is way more passive that FTP so I say when in Rome play as the Romans. The first few times, I tried my normal 6 max style which is on the aggressive side; but too many callers made it a little strange. For the most parts in 6 max my stats will look something like 21/17/2.6. The goal is usually to have the PFR pretty close to the VPIP. What was my stats last night on AP? Over just 517 hands, the stats read 26.89/17.21/3.96. Yikes, a little different; but what can you do when you have 4 limpers in front of you and you have 76o in the SB? You could try to steal it; but more often than not, you are just going to call and come along for the ride and hope to hit a hand.

So, what is the end result of a night like this? Well, this night it equated out to be 5.90 bb/100 which I will of course take especially given that my Aces were cracked twice on all in pots. Certainly one of them was my fault as I didn't think that somebody would cold call a 3 bet with QJ. Oops. Can you say boat? The other was just bad; but that is the way it goes sometime.


I'm continuing to debate the Holdem Manager vs Poker Tracker 3 question. Still not much closer to deciding. I change my mind every day. Truthfully, I want to go with PT3 as I am very confident that it will be a great product once it is completed. But the fact that is still buggy and doesn't support AP yet is making me wait. I did download HM so I hope to take a look at that if I still can. I think the trial run was limited.


See you at the MOOOOOK tonight

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according to Cook is winning this thing, of course that only takes call votes into account not text votes. This could be a problem as all the little teeny boppers are the text primary users and we know they want "Aw shucks" to win....

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