Thursday, May 29, 2008

More HEM, Mook and WSOP

Short post today.

I'm still really enjoying Holdem Manager One thing that is pretty bad and seemingly pretty basic is that it doesn't have a "Start Day at x time" similar to Poker Tracker. So, depending on what site you are playing at, your stats may different when it crosses over to the AM. Of course I never do (wink wink), but I'm sure that some of you play later than Midnight.

I'll continue to throw in more HEM stuff as I find them.

One stat that I've thrown on my Overall Stats is Flop Set %. It's always nice to know if you are flopping a set at the average rate of 1 of 8 or 12.5%. Last night, of course, I was at 8%. Dang!!! For a change, I was up almost 2 buyins to start off; but over the course of the time that I was playing the Mook, I lost a buyin mostly on some positional moves that didn't work out. I keep telling myself that I don't need to do anything like this at these levels; but what is the fun in that?

Speaking of the Mook, I was out fairly early on a hand that I don't think I can ever get away from. Somebody (I think MorningThunder) limps in front of me and I raise 3.5x with Aces. Flop comes all spades (I have the Ace of spades). Anyway, he hit his set with 22 and we got it all in on the turn I believe. I don't remember who pushed; but I don't think that I can ever get away from that. From there, I pushed with one my favorite hands (T8s) and got 2 callers. A T or 8 on the flop gave me hope; but somebody had Jacks and IGHN.

Speaking of Aces, I had a hand in the cash game that I probably didn't get max value.

I have Aces and flop a set; but the board is all Hearts. I do a c-bet and get called. Turn comes a non-heart and I bet out again; but this time get raised pretty big. Again, it will be hard to get away from this hand; but who just calls here vs pushing?

I'll put what I did in the comments if I get any responses and let you know the results of the hand.

The World Series of Poker starts tomorrow. I always look forward to this day and then get a little inwardly depressed knowing that I won't be out there for any of the fun. Full Tilt is doing some sort of Fantasy Thing for WSOP so I might do that to keep me somewhat connected with the happenings in Vegas.

Have a nice day!!!


MorningThunder said...

It was me with the set of 2's.

On the set of aces hand, how deep were the stacks? Tight villain? Did you raise pre flop? Assuming you did. I would push here. Sounds like two pair vs your set.

pokerpeaker said...

Tough spot. I'm not sure he would only just call on the flop unless he had a flush or a draw. But you have top set with Aces and a redraw to the full house, so no one would blame you for going broke here, given that it's unlikely he did flop a flush. I would of course push - he could have two pair, as mt said, or he could have a single heart and a big pair, like K-K (makes me wonder what he's thinking with the A out there but oh well, he must love his draw).

Sometimes I'll call with a set there and hope that I hit my full house, so I suppose it's possible he has a set too, but the turn raise makes me think he's just trying to get money into the pot and may indeed have the flush. I push and hope he doesn't have it.

WillWonka said...

I will need to review the history tonight...

The end of the story was that I pushed and he folded AQ. I don't want to guess on the stack sizes other than it was big enough to put a hurt on him.

I'm still not sure that was the right play.

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