Monday, May 05, 2008

What kind of day did I have?

I'm going throw a few stats out there and see if you can figure out what kind of session I had yesterday. Of course, with No Limit, stats can be completely skewed by one or two hands so take that into account. Did I have a winning session or losing session? Let's take a look.

But first, I did play at Harrah's on Friday in their $55 Tourney and went out fairly early (right before the first break). To begin with, I signed up for the tourney which was at 1PM. I had a 12:15 doctors appt pretty close to Harrah's so I thought I would be able to make the start of the tourney since it was just a first visit regarding a sleep study that I will taking this week. I get to the office and of course wait 15 minutes before I go into a room. I then wait another 30 minutes before the Dr comes in and spends all of 5 minutes with me. So I was on tilt before I even got to the tourney about 30 minutes late. Actually, it wasn't too big of a deal as I had plenty of chips and won a pretty big hand early on. It all went south from there.

I then sat at the 1/2 NL tables for a bit and lost a buy in. Flopped Straights are definitely NOT gold. I didn't have to pay off on the river; but never fear the monster. Top pair loses a little later and I am gone. I have $15 left with me and I head to black with the attitude that this $15 is going to $200 or $0. I placed the $15 down and won twice so I started to get hopeful. It wasn't meant to be. My bustout hand (a few hands later) was fairly interesting. I had 16. Dealer had a 4 showing and of course I stick. He turns over a 10 or face card for 14 so again I'm hopeful. Next card... Ace... Next card... Ace. Yep.. you guessed it, next card.... ACE!!! Running Aces to bust me. Such is life in Blackjack.

Back to Yesterday...

Hint #1

I played 1320 hands over about 3 hours time. What does this mean? Typically, it means that I am chasing losses? Or does it? Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning and afternoon I had official kid duty as my wife was doing whatever she does so maybe this 3 hours was just me finally getting to play some poker this weekend. Any guesses?

Hint #2

My VPIP was 25.35. My PFR was 19.85 and my Total Agression was 2.74. Well, this looks a little passive preflop which really doesn't tell us anything. Let's look at the aggression by street. Flop aggresion was 2.89, Turn AF was 3.22 and River Aggression was 3.67. These (at least to me) look pretty good as the aggression stayed pretty well constant throughout the hand. This typically leads to a positive session. Did it?

Hint #3

Blinds. I attempted to steal 39%. I folded SB to steal 81% and folded to BB steal 51%. To tell you the truth, I haven't really figured out optimal numbers for this yet. I know if I see someboy at or greater than 39%, I am more prone to 3 bet this person. I think I am ok with folded to steals. I did mix in calling and raising from the BB. No exact science there for me yet. More on feel and opponent reads. I don't have my blind stats as far as dollars; but I don't think this helps our case for figuring out how I did? How do these stats look (even over this small sample)?

Hint #4

I got Aces twice and lost a 98BBs. I got AKs 9 times and lost 65BBs. AKo (5 times) lost me 95BBs. This can never be good when you lose 258BB from these 3 hands. Did these losses lead to a losing session. Putting this together with Hint#1, it sure does look that way. BTW AQs, AQo, AJs, AJo, ATs, Ato and A9s led to a 39BB gain. Unfortunately, I do not have my KK, QQ, JJ, TT stats. I will say I thought I had the making of a huge hand. I had 77 on Button and raise. Good agressive guy 3 bets me. Nothing new as he probably has PT as well. I decided that he knew I was on a steal and bumped. Having known that he knew that I knew, I decided to 4 bet which I rarely do and he just called. The flop comes AT7r. I just knew he was getting stacked here. He checked and I bet because we all bet sets on flop, right? and he..... folded. Dang!!!! Did my chasing pay off?

Hint #5

More stats. I won 44% of hands I saw the flop. Good. Went to Showdown 23%. Not sure on this number? Won $ at Showdown 38%. Gulp!!! Terrible. OK, I had good aggression through all streets as noted above; but only won 38% of showdowns? Was I just getting rivered to death? Was I just being a calling station? Did I win enough without showdown to make up for these losses?

OK, enough hints. Let's make this multiple choice.

A) Big winner (>200 BBs)
B) Winner (> 100BBs)
C) Slight Winner (>50BBs)
D) Break Even ( Between losing 50BB and winning 50BBs)
E) Slight Loser (>50BBs)
F) Loser (> 100BBs)
G) Big Loser (>200 BBs)

And the answer is........

Hmmmm maybe there isn't enough information to form an intelligent decision. Maybe I should give you some more information such other pocket pairs, or winnings by position... Nope.. The answer is:


I won 31BBs.

Here is the chart.

There you have and there you are. Just a different way of judging a session albeit with incomplete information.
Have a Nice Day!!!

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