Thursday, May 14, 2009

What a tourist and I'm not shocked

Wow, what a tourist I am. I am in Tennessee on vacation this week. We went on a little drive through a national park. First, we hiked a little to see a 80 foot waterfall. Pretty cool. Then we went through a driving loop called Cades's Cove. We saw at least 6 Black Bears and a dozen or so dear and a wild turkey out in the open. The really neat thing is that are almost totally tame so we were able to get out the car and take pictures and they didn't run away (or attack us in the bear's case). To me, that was pretty cool; but then again, I am your typical tourist and pretty easily impressed and entertained.

American Idol. While I am a little sad as I was rooting for Danny, I am not shocked that Chris made the finals. I believe I even posted a little while back that Chris would be the one that I would be betting on. I actually think he has a chance of winning this thing. I think he just has to do a good job during the finals and that will do it. How is that, you say? I think a lot of the people that were voting for Danny did not care for Adam. This is me except for the voting part. I don't actually vote; although my wife did one week. Anyway, the votes that were going to Danny may very well be going to Chris now. If the difference between 1st and 2nd last week was truly 1 million votes, then I think Chris could easily win this thing. I know I will be pulling for him. If he does win, he will just go into a line of champions that will most likely disappear.

I've only played one night of poker while on vacation. I played 4 $11 SNGs. I won one, finished 2nd twice and ran JJ into AA to finish 7th or worse (I don't really remember).

Have a nice day!!


Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like you're having fun!

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