Friday, May 01, 2009

Comments and Free Poker Training

I played an impressive 44 hands last night. I keep on having some internet problems and I didn't feel like dealing with it yesterday. The cable folks say it is something wrong with my wireless router which is fairly new. I don't know. They make cable modem/wiresless router combos these days. Maybe that is my ultimate answer. The good news is that I was gifted over a buyin in those few hands.

So, the month of April was a positive month which feels good that maybe I am finally turning this thing around. See graph below. I had a bad run towards the end of the month which stopped me from having a really good month.
I wanted to mention that I have added a couple of blogs to my top 15. I have been meaning to add these two for a while now; but have been too lazy. As I've mentioned, I have my top 10 commenters over on the right side. Suffice it to say, if you are commenting on my blog (which of course I love), then I will be linking you up. So go on over to these much better written and interesting blogs:
One nice thing about blogger commenting is that when you make a comment on somebody blog, it can email you with further comments on that post. I remember the days of having to try and remember what blogs you had commented on to see further comments on that blog. Sometimes, though, the box to email comments is not there because you have not officially signed in yet. Never fear, there is a work around to this. Make your comment and sign on; but don't submit the comment. Simply preview the comment. Now after that, when you go to submit the post, you will see the email me box when you go to submit your comment. Everybody probably already knew about this; but just in case, there you go.
Does everybody know about the free poker training that you can get from Cardrunners and Stoxpoker? It's called Truly Free Poker Training. It is simply one of the best deals going on out there. The basic gist is that you play and earn points on Full tilt and with those points, you can get CR and Stox video subscriptions. Beginning with May, if you earn 3,000 pts, you can get a month of Stoxpoker. If you earn 5,500 points, then you can get a month of CardRunners. If you earn 8,500, then you can get both. Not a bad deal, eh? Head on over to the website for more details. Oh, by the way, the best thing. It doesn't actually deduct the points from Full Tilt nor does it effect your MGR for rakeback. So, in this case, it really IS Truly Free. Nice job CR/Stox and thank you very much.
I'm going to copy something that I once saw TripJax do in that at the end of my blog, I will link to a blog that I believe deserves mentioning on my ending "have a nice day" part. So given that thought,
LJ, Have a nice weekend.

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noldmax said...


Thanks for the link-up. I've enjoyed engaging on cash-game strategy here. Well done in April and good luck in May.

- Nold

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