Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ace Magnet

We all know that there are nicknames for hole cards. AA is American Airlines, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Rockets. 72o is the Hammer. 95 is the Dolly Parton, Pocket Kings are the Cowboys. Pocket Jacks are hooks.

Well, I have another name for Pocket Kings. Ace Magnet. It is amazing how many times an Ace is flopped when I have pocket kings. While I may be over exaggerating this, last night, I definitely wasn't.

I had pocket Kings 8 times which saw a flop 7 times. Out of those 7 times, an Ace flopped 6 times. Talk about an action killer. I did turn a set on one guy that had an ace which helped things out.

Well, it took awhile this month, but I have finally worked by way to the top 25 in PTR for 50PL. This month has been a struggle.

Speaking of Pocket Kings.

Villain is 13/11/2.7 over 15K hands

Full Tilt Poker $0.50/$1 Pot Limit Hold'em - 7 players -
The Official Hand History Converter

UTG+1: $116.35
MP: $80.60
CO: $31.30
BTN: $104.40
SB: $100.00
Hero (BB): $173.80
UTG: $166.55

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is BB with Kh Kd
5 folds, SB requests TIME, SB raises to $3, Hero raises to $9, SB requests TIME, SB raises to $27, Hero calls $18

Flop: ($54.00) Ad 7s 7d (2 players)
SB checks, Hero checks

Turn: ($54.00) 2s (2 players)
SB checks, Hero checks

River: ($54.00) 5s (2 players)
SB requests TIME, SB checks, Hero ???

By this time, I have to believe that he doesn't have an ace. A solid TAG is going to bet this ace; although perhaps is scared by the river flush possibility. Does anybody bet here. If so, what is your bet amount?

Hand #2

Villain is 34/3/2.8 over just 40 hands.

Full Tilt Poker $0.50/$1 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players -
The Official Hand History Converter

UTG+1: $50.50
UTG+2: $161.85
MP1: $213.00
MP2: $100.00
CO: $103.10
Hero (BTN): $100.00
SB: $137.90
BB: $127.95
UTG: $119.65

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is BTN with Ah Kh
2 folds, UTG+2 calls $1, 3 folds, Hero raises to $4.50, SB calls $4, 2 folds

Flop: ($11.00) 5d Qh As (2 players)
SB checks, Hero bets $7, SB calls $7

Turn: ($25.00) 9d (2 players)
SB bets $1, Hero raises to $14, SB raises to $27, Hero requests TIME, Hero ???

Min raise? Gotta be strong? What do you do? What are your plans for River?

Have a nice day!!!


The Poker Meister said...

1st hand: I think you have a shot of getting a call when you bet a small value bet. I'm putting this guy on QQ, but there isn't much value to be had here. I'm afraid that whatever I bet, most of the time, I'm getting called by a hand that beats me.

2nd hand: Time to get away from the hand. The villain appears to have either flopped or turned two pair.

Memphis MOJO said...

Congrats on getting in the top 25.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I stopped reading when you said you were dealt pocket Kings 8 times but only saw a flop with 7 of them. Please don't tell me that means you folded KK preflop again?

WillWonka said...

Hoy.. Funny..

No.. It just means that I won that hand preflop.. everybody folded.

The fact that I saw so many flops was a little strange. Strange good as that means that people were calling my raises.

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