Friday, October 30, 2009

Set Under Set... Good Times

Wow, I should not have said anything about being in the top 25 as I got hammered yestereday at PL50 for almost $240. Overall, it was just one of those days as I ended up losing $164 which is about what I made yesterday. Really, it has been one of those months. I guess it hasn't been that bad except for the really painful day last week.

I flopped sets yesterday at a normal 12.5%; but I just couldn't win with them. Two set under sets is really no fun. At least one time, I donated to this fish. At least I think it was him. I flopped a set and his aces turned a set. The things I do for my readers. Turn cards were especially bad for me yesterday; but that is poker. Love it or hate it, that is how it goes sometimes. You just have to come back the next game and start over. Maybe that is why they call it the grind ;-)

Anybody raising the river on this hand?

Villian is 27/9/inf over just 11 hands.

Full Tilt Poker $0.50/$1 Pot Limit Hold'em - 9 players -
The Official Hand History Converter

SB: $109.45
BB: $85.85
UTG: $88.75
UTG+1: $111.90
UTG+2: $39.00
MP1: $18.50
MP2: $109.80
CO: $99.05
Hero (BTN): $102.50

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is BTN with Ac 4c
2 folds, UTG+2 raises to $2, 2 folds, CO calls $2, Hero calls $2, 2 folds

Flop: ($7.50) Ah 8s 3h (3 players)
UTG+2 bets $3.75, CO folds, Hero calls $3.75

Turn: ($15.00) Kd (2 players)
UTG+2 checks, Hero checks

River: ($15.00) 4h (2 players)
UTG+2 bets $5, Hero ??

Have a nice day!!!


The Poker Meister said...

Let the record show that Will smoothed a 3 bet when he knew he was drawing no better than 50/50 (LOL - he knows that I've been 3 betting quite heavily which probably lead him to the call) He should know better than to never get involved in a land war in Asia" - but only slightly less well-known is this: "Never go against a Sicilian when death is on the line"! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha ha ha...:

Full Tilt Poker $0.25/$0.50 Pot Limit Hold'em - 6 players -
The Official Hand History Converter

CO: $51.60
Hero (BTN): $92.65 - Poker Meister
SB: $16.50
BB: $19.75
UTG: $118.95
MP: $52.30 - WillWonka

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is BTN with Ad Ah
UTG raises to $1.75, MP calls $1.75, 1 fold, Hero raises to $5.25, 2 folds, UTG calls $3.50, MP calls $3.50

Flop: ($16.50) 3c 5d 6d (3 players)
UTG checks, MP checks, Hero requests TIME, Hero bets $8.25, UTG folds, MP raises to $24.75, Hero calls $16.50

Turn: ($66.00) Ac (2 players)
MP bets $22.30 all in, Hero calls $22.30

River: ($110.60) 5c (2 players - 1 is all in)

Final Pot: $110.60
Hero shows Ad Ah (a full house, Aces full of Fives)
MP shows 3d 3s (a full house, Threes full of Fives)
Hero wins $107.60
(Rake: $3.00)

The Poker Meister said...

As to the hand in question, you have two routes to take here:
1. Call and see a showdown.
2. Raise a reasonable amount for value - min raise to $10 or make it $12... something like that. You have to be ready to dump it if you get river 3bet, because at this level, most players are not having a river bluff in their range like 3 betting. There are a lot of weaker hands that are calling a raise here, but there are also a lot of stronger hands that are calling you.

cmitch said...

I would raise/fold the river

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I would not raise the river here -- top and bottom pair like this is very beatable by a better two pair or by the flush. Not saying you're behind or anything but I don't think it is worth reopening the betting with a raise on this river.

And I can't imagine folding this river after making two pairs, not sure where that suggestion comes from.

cmitch said...

hoy - "And I can't imagine folding this river after making two pairs, not sure where that suggestion comes from."

If you were referring to my very detailed and insightful comment of "I would raise/fold the river" then let me explain what i meant

I would raise the river to something like $10-$12 and fold to a re-raise. This guy isn't going to come over your raise with a worse hand, but is likely to call it with a lot of hands that are worse. IMO, he is calling a small raise with almost any unpaired Ace and some worse 2 pair hands.

noldmax said...

I like a raise on the river here, to $15-$18. The tiny bet could easily be thin value with A-x. It could also be worse, but that's fine too, since you will pretty much never get bluff re-raised. This is definitely a raise/fold spot. Given the tiny river bet, if you raise, you could get a thin call from someone who puts you on a river bluff-raise...but it's best not to even think about that against the average player at this level.

WillWonka said...

A Princess Bride Reference... gotta love it.

WillWonka said...

The problem with this hand is the villain's stack size.

If I lead out $10 and he pushes, I would be faces a $23 call with a pot of around $58. In that case, it may be hard to fold.

So given that fact, I checked and he had AT. Most likely, if I would have bet the $10, he would have just called.

Missed value? I'm not sure. Upon further review, I like my check behind.

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