Monday, October 26, 2009

Truly Disastrous, Wonderful Weekend

So, this weekend, Mrs Wonka and I took a weekend trip for our anniversary. While we only went a few miles (downtown St Louis), it was nice to get away for a while. It was tough being away from the kids while at the same time it was nice to be away from the kids. That probably doesn't make any sense to people without kids. We went to a Blues Hockey game on Friday night and they actually won which was nice. There was a group of us there to be with one of our friends who has breast cancer. It was good to see everyone.

The next day, Mrs wonka went for a massage while I'll threw the cards around (more on that later). We then went to see a movie and out to dinner. Again, it was certainly strange doing all of this without kids. We saw Law Abiding Citizen and I definitely reccomend it.

We got to sleep in both days a little. All in all a wonderful weekend celebrating our 9th anniversary. By the way, I killed the over/under on Mrs Wonka putting up with me. I think it was set at 1 1/2 years.

So that was the wonderful part.

The disastrous part starting on Thursday. I played my normal Thursday night poker and had an OK to good night winning $88. It was good considering my Aces got cracked by Kings twice that session. Since I was going to be gone on Friday, I decided to play after midnight to get my 200 points for Friday. Bad idea. I'll keep it short and say that I lost 9 buyins. I've never seen so many people hit sets against me.

Saturday, I played live poker while Mrs Wonka got a massage. $55 Tourney. Out. I laid down two pair early on by the table bully who was knocking people out left and right. I then pushed with AK when the same guy raised and got two callers. Easy push and I lost the race as he had 99. He knocked 2 people out that hand. He had just knocked out 2 people the hand before. Pretty wild. To make things worse, I talked to the guy later and my 2 pair was good. Dang. The flop came all hearts and I didn't have a heart. The turn game me two pair (Ace Ten); but there was also a possilbe straight as well a flush.

I then proceeded to dump $300 in the cash game. The day was going bad and I was down a little over $100 when I flopped a pair, open ended straight draw and flush draw. I check raised and then the board paired on the turn. While I didn't like it, I pushed my final $100 in the pot as the pot was pretty large. Bad idea as the villain turned quads.

So what do I do, I got to the Black Jack table with my remaining $90. I'm sure everybody is expecting me to say that I lost it; but by some twist of fate, I actually made back a little over $200. We had a good dealer and a few good players. Good meaning, friendly. So at least it wasn't a complete loss. I did play a couple of turbo SNGs online at the hotel in the morning. I won one and lost one.

Sunday, I did something I rarely do, if ever. Seeing how the weekend went, I didn't log on to poker at all. I didn't play at all. I can't remember the last day that I haven't played poker. Truthfully, it was kind of nice. Of course there was football to occupy my attention. So, since things were going so bad, I decided to take a break. Hopefully, things will return to normal tonight.

No hands today so I apologize for that. Come back tomorrow and I'm sure that I'll have another hand where I screwed things up.

Have a nice day!!!


cmitch said...

Funny for me to read this post. (the non-poker/gambling part)

"So, this weekend...took a weekend trip for our anniversary." - My wife and I did the same this weekend.

"It was tough being away from the kids while at the same time it was nice to be away from the kids." - LOL - felt the exact same way on our trip.

"All in all a wonderful weekend celebrating our 9th anniversary." - Our 9th anniversary also!

Congrats on 9 years!!!

spritpot said...

will -
sucks to have a bad poker weekend, but trust me it is better to run good in love and bad in cards than the other way around. congrats!

Memphis MOJO said...

Happy Anniversary!

I was in St. Louis this weekend. The Indy Colts played somebody in football.

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