Thursday, April 09, 2009

Just for the fun of it

Just for the fun of it, I have been throwing in 1 table of 25 PLO over at Stars just to change things around. I'm still playing my 200 pts worth over at FTP. I'm playing like a total fish while I feel it out. There are definitely some bad players.

I ran into a blogger buddy poker peaker over at the PLO tables tonight. He wasn't one of the bad players by the way. Good playing a little PLO with you tonight.

I'm pretty much break even so far after after about 5 tries. Up and down. You know... that's PLO.


I'm definitely looking forward to the Masters. Always a good time watching who gets the green jacket.

Have a nice day!!!

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pokerpeaker said...

I'm writing a lot about PLO over at PokerWorks, and I like it for three reasons:

1. It really does improve my Hold 'Em game. It makes it really easy to not get married to big hands since that's nearly impossible in Omaha and be profitable.
2. It's easier (so far) in some ways. The players are 2004-bad and so all you have to do is play a solid game and you'll probably win. There are suckouts, of course, but there are in Hold'Em, too (duh).
3. It's really fun. There are a lot more playable hands, which is dangerous but also prevents boredom, and there are so many possibilities once the flop hits. When I am ready to go back to Hold 'Em, I tend to concentrate more.

I definitely need to improve though which is why I'll stick to that level for a while.

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