Monday, April 13, 2009

PLO Experiment and Deja Vu

PLO Experiment is OVER!!!! I lost 3 buyins tonight. I don't know how often people hit quads; but they hit them three times on me tonight.. I had nut straight once until river... and nut full house twice... until river... Another flopped full house was outdown on the turn. Yikes... I think I will hold off for a while.


I started playing a little earlier to get my 200 pts tonight and boy were the games good starting around 6:30 Central Time. I couldn't believe the tasty seats available. Of course, as we know, these tables bring on variance big time... Such as 3 flopped sets going down, etc, etc.. I lost two buyins; but my EV adjusted earnings were nearly 2 buyins up for a 4 buy in difference. Ouch.

Here is the chart.

Oh well, there is always tomorrow.
Have a nice day.

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