Monday, November 02, 2009

Forty NIne Cents and a Hand with bottom two

Forty Nine Cents an hour. That is how I ended up this month. Truthfully, it was mostly tournaments that brought me down as I lost $300 on those silly super turbos and lost $300 on live tournments and live play. And if the truth really is known, if you take away one bad day on online play where I lost $900 in one night (2.81 hours), the month would have actually been OK. It would have been in the $43/hr range which I'm certainly ok with. Perhaps I should feel happy that I finished above water giving all of the above circumstances; especially over the last few days as things have felt eerily familiar to my big down turn where I couldn't win a hand to save my life.

Here's a hand from the weekend where I flop bottom two with some action.

UTG is 15/12/2.3 188 hands
MP2 is 35/11/1.7 over 138 hands

Full Tilt Poker $0.25/$0.50 No Limit Hold'em - 9 players -
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Hero (SB): $103.20
BB: $66.95
UTG: $65.05
UTG+1: $53.95
UTG+2: $62.55
MP1: $53.70
MP2: $102.50
CO: $134.35
BTN: $32.75

Pre Flop: ($0.75) Hero is SB with 6h 8h
UTG raises to $1.75, 3 folds, MP2 calls $1.75, 1 fold, BTN calls $1.75, Hero calls $1.50, BB calls $1.25

Flop: ($8.75) Kh 8s 6d (5 players)
Hero checks, BB checks, UTG bets $5, MP2 raises to $23.75, BTN folds, Hero ??

Have a nice day!!


The Poker Meister said...

Will - $0.31 / hour for me for the month (not including rakeback). I had terrible luck this past month as well - things feel like they're turning around for November.

For the hand: I think this is either a cooler situation or you are pretty far ahead. MP2, though I'm not quite sure why he's raising so large on such a dry board, has a premium K (AK, KQ), or has 97. The question is do you want to get the money in now as a strong favorite or see a turn and let it go to a 5 or 9? I'm pushing here & getting the money in as a strong favorite.

HighOnPoker said...

I'm sure as shit not putting him on a higher two pair, and a set isn't that likely since KK would've raised preflop and you have a 6 and 8. I'm with's likely KQ or AK (my guess is KQ). My concern, though, is with the preflop raiser, who could have KK. I'd flat call and see what the preflop raiser does. You aren't that vulnerable to AK or KQ, and you will hopefully get more info before you have to act again.

The Poker Meister said...

@HighOnPoker - The *BEST* situation for us is that UTG has (AA or AK) or KQ and MP2 has AK or KQ. If they share the out cards, we're in awesome shape to around 3-4 outs excluding running turn & river paired board. I think all parties will likely commit their stacks with those holdings and drawing very thin.

noldmax said...

Well normally I wouldn't be thrilled seeing this kind of action holding 2 pair, but the board is so dry, that you have to give strong consideration to MP2 holding either a strong K like AK/KQ, or semi-bluffing an open-ender. 66 or 88 really suck, but it's only 2 hand combos. So, if we assume we are ahead here, how to proceed? I guess we could get greedy, smooth-call and hope UTG calls with a PP or AA or some K-x hand, but that just increases the number of scary turn cards. I think I like getting it heads-up by putting in another raise. I'd make it $50 and plan to get it in.

Henrik said...

I agree with noldmax.

Had a pretty bad october as well. I raked around $400 on SnG:s and a couple of tournaments, but my net profit including a rake race and site bonus was just $169. But then again - a profit is always a profit :-)

WillWonka said...

I pushed, MP2 called with KQ and I won.

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