Thursday, November 05, 2009

KK Multi Handed and WSOP hand

Thanks for the great comments yesterday. Taking away the results, I think the decision was close based on the type of players that I was playing.

I am still miffed on the hand played by Billy Kopp and Darvin Moon? I still remember it from when it happened and to see it happen on TV was even more painful. I still think the ultimate mistake was made by Moon calling the allin. What do you think?

Here is a semi-interesting spot preflop.

UTG+1 33/6/1.7 over 19 hands
BTN 22/3/1.9 over 376 hands
SB 56/7/1.5 over 1.3K hands
BB 14/10/3.8 over 5.6K hands

Full Tilt Poker $0.50/$1 Pot Limit Hold'em - 8 players -
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Hero (UTG): $115.00
UTG+1: $61.75
MP1: $39.15
MP2: $116.95
CO: $16.00
BTN: $35.40
SB: $57.65
BB: $100.00

Pre Flop: ($1.50) Hero is UTG with Kc Kh
Hero raises to $3.50, UTG+1 raises to $6, 3 folds, BTN calls $6, SB calls $5.50, 1 fold, Hero ???

I probably need to fold right? OK, just kidding. The decision is to call or raise. I think that there are arguments for both. So let me here them.

Have a nice day!!!


pokerpeaker said...

Here's what I would do, given the same levels you play and what I've experienced, and you can make it a different thing.

I would raise to $15. That would, I hope, drive out a player and maybe would get the other player to define a hand. If someone jams, that's a fourth raise, and that's probably AA and I fold. The last time I was in this exact same situation, and someone jammed on me and the other guy called and I quickly folded, and it was a mistake: AK versus A-10, but an A hit the flop.

What do others think? I'm curious about my fold and see if it's too nitty, but I don't think so.

The Poker Meister said...

In my opinion, you want to raise to isolate. You want to get all the money in with the UTG+1. Calling means going to a flop and seeing the rest of the hand out of position against a bunch of unknown ATCs... You want to get HU with someone and / or get the money in NOW!

The Poker Meister said...

As to pokerpeaker - I always think it's a HUGE mistake to fold KK PF in a cash game. I am MUCH more comfortable folding it out in a tourney, but cash is considered a cooler when AA vs KK in my opinion. I don't mind going broke to AA in that spot because of reciprocality; it's a net 0 sum game.

At these levels, there are plenty of players overplaying and getting it in with AK. I think you want the money in - and NOW!

noldmax said...

I'm pretty sure I'm repopping if not shipping it outright. But I have a strict never-fold-KK-at-100BBs (NFKK@100BBs - I think that's my new online password!) policy. So raise it up big and be psyched about the dead money contributed by BTN & SB. UTG+1 will have QQ (6 ways) or AK (8 ways) as often as he has AA.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

If you ever fold KK in a cash game or tournament at any buyin below, say, $10,000 US, I will decapitate you. Any of you out there reading this.

The Poker Meister said...

"If you ever fold KK in a cash game or tournament at any buyin below, say, $10,000 US, I will decapitate you. Any of you out there reading this." - Sounds like a Philly's fan :-)

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