Thursday, November 19, 2009

No Online Poker Last Night

I played in my monthly WSOP League. 36 people, 6 pays. I made my second final table; but finished 8th. My AQ lost to KJ. It happens.

That's all.

I'm off work tomorrow so I hope to get in some hands late tonight and tomorrow morning. I also am having a home game on Saturday so it should be a fun weekend. We are also celebrating my daughters 6th birthday on Saturday. Her birthday isn't until around Christmas; but we like to seperate it a little bit.

Have a nice day!!!


fairnbalncd said...

WillWonka vs. Darvin Moon - HU4ROLLZ

I'll be in your entourage, "WONKA! WONKA! WONKA! OY! OY! OY!"

Can't you just hear Norman Chads commentary???

Memphis MOJO said...

GL in your home game

Laz said...

My brother's birthday is on Christmas eve... I like your idea of separating the birthday from Christmas...

Good work!

Big D said...

Come back soon! Miss your posts.

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