Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Easy way for Iron Man Status

I'm continuing to grind away at the Full Tilt Iron Man thing. I saw something pretty amusing on Matt Matros's site regarding the Iron Man Challenge. I, of course, grind away a multiple 3/6 SH tables to get my 50 points a day. While this doesn't really take that long... about 15-20 minutes, Matt says that he finds it easiest just to play a $500 Heads Up match everyday. Wow, why didn't I think about that... That does seem easy.. Oh wait.. you actually have to put up the $500 to play in a $500 HU SNG. Oh well, so much for that. I do have $500 on FT; but obviously am not comfortable play that because...well... people like MM are playing those. I guess I will continue my grind. I also found out that they will be giving out T-shirts for those who achieve "Iron Man" status so at least I have that going for me.

Speaking of the grind... I was playing Monday and at the point I got my 50 points, I was down close to $100. Side note.... The theme of the month was just to play the 50 points and if I was ahead, quit... otherwise, play on. I am doing this in hopes that I can make Mrs Wonka a little happier with me playing less poker. Sometimes it has worked and sometimes not... as it was Monday... Anyway, I play on.. and I work it back to where I am up $105. Now $100 is typically my stopping point these days... again to appease Mrs Wonka... but immediately had two big blinds posted to put my at $99... Do I still stop... heck no.... I don't have to tell you what happened next. OK, I'll tell you anyway. I went south..... way south... Before I know it, I am stuck over $300. Do I quit now? Heck no... Do I have to tell you? OK, I will... luckily this time it is good news as I make up the $300 and add a few dollars ($28) to it. Do I quit? OK.. This time I did. Of course, it take me a couple of hours to make that $300 back; but positive is positive.

Tuesday night went better as I was up $60 after the 50 points; but here is the deal... Mrs Wonka is out for the evening... OK, I'll play more. I switched over to Party and deposited some more to get their bonus... 1000 raked hands in a week seems like a lot so I may not get the $100 bonus. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, in total, I ended up the night with a $172 profit. I'll take it.

I also got an email from the Poker Room saying that they had put $25 in my account. Hmm that was nice of them. I am most likely going to treat this is as bonus money and gamble a bit with it via HU matches. I first started at a 1/2 table and said the heck with it. I went to a $10 HU and won it pretty easily. Not by my play; but rather the cards hit me nicely and my oppenent was rather passive. Put those two things together and you get an easy victory. I will continue with these and move up levels at appropriate times.

I am really enjoying watching High Stakes Poker on TV. It defintely puts a new wrinkle into poker playing. It kind of puts things in perspective when Ted Forrest losing a huge chunk of dollars (I think 70K) when losing with set over set. Ouch!!!! Or how about Doyle going all in for half a mill... might have to have the nuts to call that... and still might not call. I have just seen the first one and am looking forward to future episodes.

That should do it for today...


cc said...

Can't wait to see High Stakes Poker (hopefully the missus TiVo'd). OK, if no $500 daily SNG, maybe $5!! I'm waiting...

I just don't know about FullTilt. I think you have to have some very serious rules of engagement on when to play and when to quit. There just are no players there, you know? Just really don't have anyone there, so I end up doing stupid things (donking off NLHE trying to trap, playing very short-handed, which I can't do well). I haven't had the energy to count, but when you have 2000 players at 1000 tables, that can't be healthy, can it?

WillWonka said...

I hear you about table selection... Right now I am playing 3/6 shorthanded and usually at night there are usually 5 or 6 of them going at FT... I for sure can typically get my 3 tables that I play with no problems.

Some good players and some bad players. Right now for the month of January, I am showing 4.95 BB/hr
which I will take.

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