Sunday, January 08, 2006

Wasted Trip

For the nth time in a row, Mrs Wonka and myself travelled to watch a game and my team lost. This time it was the 10-2 Missouri State Bears played the preseason favorite of the Missouri Valley, Northern Iowa. The game was close until about 5 minutes to go in the game and then UNI ran away with and won by 10 despite being 5 1/2 pt underdogs. I think the last 3 trips to Dallas to watch the Cowboys have all ended in Cowboys losses and now the last 3 trips to see a Bears game have been losses. You would think that I would see the trend here and quit going. At least this is the theory that Mrs Wonka is going with. We'll see.

I still no complaints to how poker is going. I have posted my latest stats over to the right for the first week of January. I am currently on a 8 session (day) winning streak and 28 of 31. No doubt that this is the positive side of variance that happens in poker... Lord knows that I have dealt with the other side of variance. Again, short handed seems to be really working. I actually sat down at a full ring game and didn't do near as well.

Unfortunately, due to me travelling, I didn't get to play in the Absolute Poker 100K. My brother played for me with no luck finishing about 135th out of 450ish. Top 70 paid; but he eventually got blinded/anted out. Unfortunately, he didn't get very many cards. One very interesting had found him plus 3 others going all in... He had QQ and the rest of them had AK. If you can believe it, it finished a split pot as the board had a 5 card straight. Wow, what a let down. That would have quadrupled him up and most likely catapulted him to the money. Oh well, that is the way things go.

The plan is to continue on with Full Tilt and play a limited amount of hands and call it a night. I will not be able to play in the DADI event this week as I have a church group meeting. It's probably a good thing because I don't know the first thing about Omaha.

I am putting together some thoughts on my first month of practically exclusive short handed play and will try to get that out in the next week or so (as long as is it makes some sense). We'll see how that goes.

I am also going to work on my link to other poker sites this week.

See you at the tables this week.


Jestocost said...

I know too much about church and not enough about Omaha, so the DADI will be my desination barring spousal interference.

I still struggle with the whole Missouri State thing, however. They'll probably always be SMS to me.

TripJax said...

hate you won't make it, but i know most non sunday church events are on wednesday so it's all good. catch you at the next one...

cc said...

Montana State-Northern Iowa: no wonder you play so much poker!

Chilly said...

Take from someone who knows. Iowa>Missouri.

Fluffer44 said...

Missouri State (SMS) - New name, same Bears. Doah!!!

WillWonka said...

Yes, they really will always be SMS to me as well.

SMS is now 10-3 so I can't complain too much.. It was the 5th game in 11 days so I'm sure they were a little tired.. no excuse though..

Northern Iowa is no slouch.. believe me. They beat Iowa earlier in the year and of course we know that Iowa just beat Illinois... so they have that going for them.

As you can see.. I'm a SMS (Missouri State) enthusiest to the end.

cc said...

Well there you go. The layman hoops fan of course knows Southwest Missouri State, so why whould they change their name? I would think there is more national brand equity in SMS than in Missouri State (and sorry for my earlier post--Montana, Missouri, whatever). If it is SMS, then I stand corrected.

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